Social Media Can Adversely Affect Teens

August 2, 2018 GMT

For my English class at Innovation Academy Charter School I did a project on social media and its effects on self-esteem. I chose this topic because social media is a big part of a teen’s everyday life and it can lead to depression and loss of self esteem. While researching my topic read an article about 16-year-old Sasha who explained how social media affected her self esteem. She said magazines tend to uphold dangerously unrealistic standards of success and beauty. The photographs of models who wear size 0 clothing are retouched and even Photoshopped. The things that are seen online make teens feel insecure about themselves. Social media can curate the lives of teens making it look like they live the best outgoing lives when in reality it’s all a cover up. Images like those can cause distress for many kids.


Parents should know how social media affect teens. They should be more involved in their teen’s life and checking in with them about their self esteem