Bears rookie WR Miller: I know we’re all gonna eat in this offense

September 7, 2018

LAKE FOREST — Bears second-round WR Anthony Miller displayed NFL talent from the first day of training camp, but he had to learn to play a more disciplined game, specifically in his route-running and mental approach.

“He’s a kid that has extreme talent, that we’re trying to keep an eye on in regards to the mental side of it,” coach Matt Nagy said. “We knew (the) physical. He was flashing in practice early on, and he has that confidence. That showed up.

“But he had to control it to where it’s not a cockiness. He made some plays that jumped out to us. We understood how he was going to start fitting into this offense, to what role, and what we did was kind of pull back and say, ‘He fits physically, but where does he fit mentally?’ So over the past few weeks, we’ve been trying to test that out, and he fell into that range for us. In the preseason games, we felt he was OK with where he’s at, and now we’ll just figure out where’s the best spot for him in this upcoming game.”

Miller caught four passes for 32 yards in the preseason, but, like most of the starters, he didn’t play in the final two, since the Bears had seen enough to know that he will factor in the passing game in the regular season.

Miller’s confidence was sky high the day he was drafted, and it’s only gone up since then. He’s not approaching his first pro game tentatively.

“I’m gonna dive right in,” he said. “As soon as I get out there, I’m gonna give it everything I got. I don’t care who’s across from me, I’m going to give it 100 percent every play. I think about making big plays — and not just myself, my teammates. I know we’re all gonna eat in this offense, and I just can’t wait to see everybody’s faces when we’re doing the things we’ve talked about.”

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