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Czech Minister Dies During Official Trip to Brazil

August 23, 1990 GMT

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) _ The Czech minister of foreign trade, Slavomir Stracar, died in this capital from complications resulting from a heart attack, officials said Wednesday. He was 55.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Jose Vicente Pimentel said Stracar, who had been interned at the Armed Forces Hospital, died Tuesday night, a day after he fell ill at a luncheon held in his honor.

Stracar, who headed an official delegation, was rushed to the hospital during the lunch, which occurred hours after he arrived in Brazil.

In Prague, the official news agency CTK said Stracar died of ″sudden illness.″

Stracar was appointed in the wake of democratic elections in June following the toppling of Communist rule, was expelled from the Communist Party in 1970, apparently for sympathizing with the 1968 ″Prague Spring″ reforms that were squelched by a Warsaw Pact invasion.

He was active in Public Against Violence, the broad-based political movement that spearheaded the anti-Communist upheaval late last year, along with its Czech counterpart, Civic Forum. The two parties form the parliamentary majority.

An engineer, he graduated from the Ural Institute for Mining Technology in the Soviet Union in 1959.

The Czech embassy released a statement saying Stracar’s body was being embalmed and would be transported to Prague. Survivors were not listed.