PARIS, TN: Budget transfers include money to fund part-time dispatcher

September 13, 2016 GMT

Several minor budget transfers were discussed and approved during Monday’s meeting of the Henry County Budget Committee at the courthouse.

The Enhanced 911 system is giving the county $12,000 to pay for a part-time 911 dispatcher. That money will go into a county account for part-time personnel.

Tracy Byrd, the county director for the Henry County Health Department, asked for $880, which had been held back from an appropriation to the state, be used for county health department employees’ Primary Prevention Initiative program.

Several transfers in the general purpose school fund were authorized. This included placing a $10,000 sponsor fee into the schools’ budget from Coca-Cola.

The request also included $1.2 million to pay for the first half of a building project in which the school system will construct a new maintenance building and bus garage at Barton Field.

There’s no new money involved in, since the school system is using its own building revenues to pay for the project, which will be completed over a two-year period at a total cost of $2.4 million.

A resolution to amend funds in the county highway budget also was adopted.

Former Road Supervisor Ray Norwood presented the request to the panel. It includes $350,000 that will be go toward a bridge construction project.

Meanwhile, the Henry County Highway Commission, which was supposed to have a meeting Monday, called that session off because of the lack of a quorum.