Magnum XT Reviews: Advanced Male Enhancement Pill Formula

July 15, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 15, 2020 - Magnum XT is a men’s sexual health supplement that improves male enhancement performance with the use of natural ingredients. While the website is rather racy and even X-rated at the start, this formula focuses on natural ingredients to  improve a man’s size, girth, and stamina.

Here is a short break down of what’s behind the curtain in the Magnum XT product sales page where it says the popular male enhancement pill that is trending upwards is 100% natural, safe and effective and already has thousands of happy men on the formula.

What is Magnum XT?

Found only at, users are quick to find the process of aging can take a toll on many aspects of the male body, especially when it comes to sexual health. Problems can arise as early as age 30, as testosterone starts to diminish. While there are certain ways that diet, pollution, and outside stress can impact sexual health, the loss of this hormone can worsen their effects. By not keeping up with the metabolism, a poor diet leads to much weight gain, and stress from work and relationships can negatively impact the heart as well.

The focus on erectile dysfunction has led the supplement industry to be proactive in support men’s needs. Companies everywhere have ways to increase erection size, support the libido, reduce the risk of premature ejaculation, and make sexual intercourse more pleasurable. Dr. Andrew Miller decided to contribute to the market with the  creation of Magnum XT.

Magnum XT makes some major promises, including that the user’s erection size and strength will be amplified and will improve orgasms. Dr. Miller references the all-natural formula that is combined in a way that is fairly unique in this industry, offering completely natural sources to create the massive effect.


Though not all ingredients are listed, the company clearly points out the use of:

  • Bacopa monnieri extract, which can increase the brain’s function and improve the signals between the brain and the user’s erection.
  • Vinpocetine seeds, which promote blood flow (which is necessary to achieve in an erection).
  • Huperzine A, which can reduce the risk of premature ejaculation.
  • St. John’s wort, which increases metabolism and promotes better blood flow.

The website implies that other ingredients are used as well, but all of them are not noted without  purchasing a bottle of Magnum XT.

Buying Magnum XT

Though the Magnum XT supplement is typically priced at $209, the company is working to make it more available by dropping the price down to $69 (plus the cost of shipping). For individuals that want to order enough for the next few months of use, the website also offers a two-bottle package for $118 and a four-bottle package for $196.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Magnum XT

What benefits can men get from using Magnum XT?

Magnum XT focuses its efforts on bigger erections, better orgasms, and less risk of premature ejaculation. The formula needs to be taken on a regular basis to achieve these effects, supporting sexual health over time. This product is not meant to be like a medication that instantly causes an erection but is instead meant to be used overtime to make achieving an erection more natural and easier.

What age group is Magnum XT for?

Magnum XT can work for anyone. The youngest age group that the website mentions is 30 years old and over, going up to their 70s.

What is the best number of bottles to order at once?

While consumers that want to just try out the formula may only opt for one bottle, that isn’t enough time to fully make an impact. Most supplements require three months of use (minimally) to make a difference, though six months of use would give the user a better idea of the changes. With a four-bottle package, the user will be able to improve their body, though the company encourages new customers to take advantage of the limited-time promotion and stock up while they can.

Is the Magnum XT formula safe?

Yes. The formula is made with 100% natural and safe ingredients to make it as effective as possible. The capsules are made in a facility that already is approved by the FDA, ensuring that it is made in a sterile environment. However, if the potential new user already has a prescription or medication that they take, they should speak with their doctor before integrating Magnum XT.

How should Magnum XT be taken?

Users only need to take one serving a day, which should take place about an hour before they plan to consume their last meal of the day. For optimal digestion, drink a glass of water with the capsule.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Unlike some companies that may automatically enroll the user in a subscription for their shipments, the purchase of Magnum XT is a one-time transaction. To reorder, the user will have to visit the official website again.

What if Magnum XT doesn’t help?

In an effort to keep every customer pleased, the creator offers a 60-day return policy for a full refund. To set up a return, send an email to customer service at

Final Thoughts

Magnum XT aims to be the male enhancement formula that works for men of all ages. The remedy only requires one daily dose, but it acts as a slow change to the user’s sexual health, rather than the instant gratification of getting an erection right away. The natural composition of this supplement keeps users safe, but there’s little information about what actually goes into it.

Users should know ahead of time that this product’s advertisement includes a view that is NSFW (not suitable for work), and it should not be viewed around anyone that is not over age 18.

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