Halle Berry tired of being wrongly linked to men

June 23, 2017 GMT

Halle Berry is fed up of being romantically linked to men all the time because of misinterpretations on social media.

The “Perfect Stranger” star has no problem posing for photos with her male admirers but gets annoyed when the images are uploaded online and then presumptions are made that she was on a date.

Speaking about her relationship with social media and the misunderstandings that can occur from it, she said: “There are some things that can kill a brand, things that can happen today because of social media. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, but that power can be misused.

“If I am having dinner with a friend, and a man comes up and asks to take a picture, most times I will always say, ‘Of course!’ ... But then that person posts the picture on the social media as if I am dating that person, and suddenly I am dating, like, 100 people. It seems silly ... but I think that is frustrating at social media.”

Halle is hoping relaunching her Hallewood fan site into a lifestyle forum for 2018, will give her more control over her online presence as she admits it can be “frustrating” when things get interpreted incorrectly.

She said: “People actually have the power to affect your brand in this day and age, and I have little control over it and that’s the frustrating part.”

The 50-year-old actress will follow in the footsteps of Goop website creator and owner Gwyneth Paltrow by setting up a place online for her followers to interact with her and discuss issues surrounding fashion, beauty and parenting advice.

Halle — who has three-year-old son Maceo with ex-husband Olivier Martinez and eight-year-old daughter Nahla with her former partner Gabriel Aubry — has hailed her new and improved site as “an inclusive world of curation”.

The former Bond girl believes it is important for herself and others in the spotlight to use their status to promote healthy debate with the world the way it is to unite people.

According to ET Canada, she said: “Based on where we are now with this great divide in our country, and it’s my obligation as an artist, to start providing that forum for people to talk things out and bring us a little bit closer.”

— (Celebretainment)