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Voters overwhelmingly approve SAPO gun rights measure

November 7, 2018 GMT

By an overwhelming 73.8 percent to 26.2 percent, voters Tuesday approved a Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance.

The SAPO ordinance, listed as Measure 10-165 on the ballot, guarantees that no county funds will be used to enforce gun laws that are believed to violate the Second Amendment, including registration rules and limitations on semi-automatic weapons and ammunition.

The ordinance gives the Douglas County sheriff the right to determine what laws pass muster under the Second Amendment, and creates civil fines for violating the ordinance.

Proponents of the ordinance said it would help protect rural voters from efforts by Salem legislators to curtail their rights. Opponents said it could embroil the county in lawsuits and ultimately be found unconstitutional since the Supreme Court, not the sheriff, has the authority to determine what laws are constitutional under the Second Amendment.

The measure was one of 10 similar measures on the ballot Tuesday across the state. Four Oregon counties already have similar ordinances.