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Realtors of the Week Mother, daughter form dynamic real estate duo

May 27, 2018

Shannon Lester and her daughter, Claire Warren, are both Realtors with Heritage Texas Properties and both have been in real estate for a decade, but they became partners only about three years ago. Since then, they have become a dynamic, award-winning mother/daughter duo that has consistently been a company-wide top-producing team.

Even though their skills and personalities differ, they have many things in common, such as they are both joyful workaholics, totally passionate about real estate and love what they do. They are both service-oriented, outgoing and friendly, and they love helping people. They say that finding the right homes for their clients is more important to them than the financial rewards, so the native Houstonians refuse to give up until the client is happy.

They both also excel in negotiation skills, being organized and always being prepared.

Growing up, Lester recalls that starting around fifth grade, her mother took her to open houses and model homes just as a hobby. They both enjoyed seeing the homes, different interior styles, architectural details and neighborhoods.

The family interest in real estate would later reach the next generation, with Lester’s daughter, Claire, but she first took other career paths.

Prior to real estate, Warren was a consultant implementing financial software systems, and then moved into the oil and gas industry. Lester’s first career was print advertising, and she interned at the Houston Chronicle. She also spent many years as an event coordinator.

When Warren entered the real estate industry, she brought her business, negotiation and analytical skills, along with marketing abilities.

They are now a solid team, and have a wonderful time working together. They have always been close, always gotten along and understand each other. They both live in Cypress, only about five minutes apart.

“I worked by myself for five years, and it is so much more rewarding to work with my daughter. We are both extremely hard workers and when we do cover for each other, we know the other is doing an excellent job. Claire has done a great job from day one and became a true partner in every way,” Lester said.

Lester and Warren also have an assistant.

“Our amazing assistant Caren Green is fantastically British, and she is considered family to us. We do not know what we would do without her,” Warren said.