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Letter: Who have lost their moral compass?

October 18, 2018 GMT

I was struck by the comment by Kent Larson in his recent letter claiming that Democrats have lost their moral compass.

Assuming that Mr. Larson is a Trump supporter, he supports a president who has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women, at least two of whom he has paid hush money to, who has a known history of adultery, who has been credibly accused (and sued in some cases) of financial and tax fraud, who provably lies virtually whenever he speaks, who publicly trashes those who disagree with him, who has ordered children to be taken from their parents, etc.

There has been no evidence shown that the Democrats paid or otherwise coerced the women who made the allegations against Justice Kavanaugh. If the Republicans really believed this, they should have authorized a proper FBI investigation, which almost certainly would have uncovered this. As it was, there was no corroboration found of the accusations made because the Republicans did their best to make sure no corroboration was found by severely limiting both the Judiciary Committee and FBI investigations. There were several witnesses who attempted to contact the FBI who could possibly have provided corroboration if the FBI had been allowed to interview them.

And it’s the Democrats who have lost their moral compass?

Carole Mataya, Rochester