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NSHS community council elects new officers

April 12, 2018 GMT

MT. PLEASANT — North Sanpete Community Council met April 9 in the counseling center of North Sanpete High School in the final meeting of the school year. Voting for new officers for next year was discussed and carried out during the meeting.

Elise Hansen nominated and Christi McGriff seconded Luke Freeman to be the chairperson for the next school year with Christi McGriff nominated by Brad Bentley with a second by Elise Hansen elected as co-chair. Voting was unanimous in favor of both nominations.

The council reviewed election procedures and the timeline for how best to get this done. Those in attendance went over bylaws to see if anything needed to be changed. Members of the council need to be active through August instead of June as it has been in the past. This will give member participation until the first meeting of the school year and elections can be held for new members that will be joining the council next school year.

Members on the council serve for a two-year term. Voting is by means of a secure ballot box and can’t be done electronically unless there is a way to ensure that it is private and the voting is actually being done by the parents.

Discussion was conducted on how it would be easier to get more participation from parents. It was decided that it should be investigated if voting could be done through Powerschool or Naviance both of which are programs used at the school that need a parent login and would be secure.

Wording was also changed about how and when votes would be tabulated. Wording now states that the results will be tabulated within five days after closing of the polls.

The Friday schedule at the high school was also discussed. The past two years Friday has been alternating between A and B days. A poll sent out to teachers and administration resulted in teachers wanting to have all eight of the class periods on Friday to minimize the amount of time between days that students don’t have specific classes. The classes would all be 40 minutes with no flex time.

This is the final Community Council meeting for the school year and the group will begin to meet again in September.