UM QB Dylan McCaffrey aids in rock climber’s rescue

March 7, 2018 GMT

Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey and his two brothers, Max and Christian, are being praised for their help in rescuing a 72-year-old man who fell 25 feet while rock climbing in Colorado.

The McCaffreys are the son of former Denver Broncos receiver Ed McCaffrey.

Dan Smoker fell 25 feet last Saturday while climbing Castle Rock, according to KDVR television, when he fell coming down. He was with his 13-year-old grandson Elijah Smoker, who told the station that seven people rushed to help including the McCaffrey brothers.

Smoker suffered multiple injuries, including bleeding from his abdomen and brain and a broken neck.

“It was such a crazy experience, but the McCaffreys changed how the story went,” Elijah Smoker told the TV station. “It could’ve been I went on a hike and my grandpa died, but instead it’s, I went on a hike and some professional football players helped my grandpa.”