Cameron Jordan has a little fun at Panthers’ expense after Saints win, sends wine to Cam Newton

January 9, 2018 GMT

Cameron Jordan and Cam Newton have always had a little bit of a rivalry.

Jordan, always quick with a joke, especially after a win, has taken pokes at Newton’s sense of style, and the Panthers quarterback responded in kind in November by saying he’d send Jordan some “sauce.”

Now, Jordan plans to send Newton his own brand of sauce after the Saints’ 31-26 win over Carolina on Sunday. A bottle of Jordan wine was in Jordan’s locker after the game, a prop for his post-game set. Wine.com sells a bottle of the Jordan 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon for $54.99.

“You beat the Carolina Panthers three times in a year, I’m going to have to send this guy a wine bottle, I appreciate him for being that good old quarterback,” Jordan said. “We’re going to send him a nice little bottle of Jordan wine. No, it’s not mine, but I have been drinking it for years. I’m going to send him some sauce.”

According to Jordan’s Instagram account, he made good on the promise on Monday, sending a bottle of Jordan’s — the winery, not the player — cabernet sauvignon to Newton at Bank of America Stadium.

Ultimately, Jordan does have a lot of respect for Newton, who is one of the hardest quarterbacks in the NFL to corral, although the Saints star sacked him once on Sunday, batted down two passes, forced a pivotal intentional grounding penalty and helped Vonn Bell clean up Newton on the game’s final play.

“We tried to force him to be uncomfortable, we tried to force him to make errors, and I don’t think he made many,” Jordan said. “At the end of the day, he’s a hell of a competitor.”

Jordan saved some of his jokes for Carolina tackle Matt Kalil, who has given up two sacks to Jordan this season. After Jordan sacked Newton in the third quarter, the defensive end let his opponent know about it.

“I was actually talking more to the other Kalil brother, I don’t know his first name,” Jordan said. “Speed Bump. Let’s call him Speed Bump McGee. That guy.”

Jordan has called opposing offensive linemen “speed bumps” for years.

But he’s made a special exception this year for Kalil; he also thanked the veteran tackle for allowing him to get a sack in the first meeting against the Panthers.

“Yeah, you know, Carolina picked him up so the brothers could reunite,” Jordan said. “I think Ryan Kalil is a hell of a player, and Matt Kalil? Speed bump.”