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Emmy Noether faced sexism and Nazism – 100 years later her contributions to ring theory still influence modern math


SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY A century after publishing major papers in theoretical mathematics, German-born Emmy Noether continues to challenge and inspire mathematicians with her story and mathematical legacy. 997 words. By Tamar Lichter Blanks, Rutgers University

Why some younger evangelicals are leaving the faith

RELIGION Disaffected young evangelicals and those who left the church describe an out-of-touch institution not in line with their political beliefs, a scholar found 1118 words. By Terry Shoemaker, Arizona State University

Teens with secure family relationships ‘pay it forward’ with empathy for friends

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY Teenagers develop empathy over time, but those who feel safe and connected with their families may have a head start. 596 words. By Jessica Stern, University of Virginia

How Sarah Baartman’s hips went from a symbol of exploitation to a source of empowerment for Black women

COMMENTARY In the 19th century, Baartman was dehumanized and mocked for her large posterior. So what does it mean when Black women today strive for ‘Sarah Baartman hips’? 888 words. By Rokeshia Renné Ashley, Florida International University

The US withdraws from Afghanistan after 20 years of war: 4 questions about this historic moment


COMMENTARY A scholar and practitioner of foreign policy and national security offers personal and professional perspectives on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. 1253 words. By Mark Jacobson, Syracuse University

US families with kids are getting monthly payments from the government: 4 essential reads

COMMENTARY Experts explain the significance of this new ‘allowance.’ 747 words. By

High-tide flood risk is accelerating, putting coastal economies at risk

COMMENTARY NOAA’s 2021 high-tide flooding outlook shows where the risks are highest and growing. Some communities are seeing 20 or more days of flooding a year now. 726 words. By Renee Collini, Mississippi State University

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