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‘Aquaman’ Still Box Office King

January 8, 2019

“Aquaman” is still the champ at the box office three weeks in, but the high-concept thriller “Escape Room” also drew some substantial crowds in its debut weekend.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week # 11 AquamanWB $30,700,000-41.1%4,184+59$7,337$259,720,880-32N Escape RoomSony $18,000,000-2,717-$6,625$18,000,000$9132 Mary Poppins ReturnsBV $15,773,000-44.4%4,090-$3,856$138,729,305$130344 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-VerseSony $13,010,000-30.8%3,419-394$3,805$133,861,346$90453 BumblebeePar. $12,775,000-38.9%3,597+47$3,552$97,128,140$135365 The MuleWB $9,040,000-25.7%3,212+425$2,814$81,108,110$50476 ViceAnnapurna $5,803,490-25.3%2,534+92$2,290$29,796,477-288 Second ActSTX $4,910,000-33.3%2,523-84$1,946$32,947,075$16399 Ralph Breaks the InternetBV $4,685,000-30.3%2,050-293$2,285$187,164,171$1757107 Holmes and WatsonSony $3,400,000-54.1%2,780+4$1,223$28,410,922$422

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