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Monet Sold for $1.5 Million

June 27, 1986

PARIS (AP) _ A painting by Claude Monet was sold at the Drouot auction center Thursday for about $1.5 million to an unidentified foreign buyer.

The painting, ″Camille and Jean Monet au Jardin d’Argenteuil,″ shows his family in their suburban Paris garden and was never sold by Monet during his lifetime.

It was done in 1872, the same year as his ″Impression, Soleil Levant,″ which gave the name to Impressionist painting.

Auctioneer Jean Louis Picard said the family portrait was a ″very good price for a work of this period,″ but that other Monets from the same era had commanded higher prices at auction.

In London this week, the British auction house Christie’s sold 20 valuable European 20th-century paintings, once the property of an American industrialist who left them to the City Art Museum in St. Louis, Mo.

Christie’s said Thursday the paintings left to the museum by the late Morton D. May went for $1.2 million. Most of the paintings auctioned were by Expressionists, including Max Beckmann, Emil Nolde and Ernst Kirchner.