Ganim warns of fake Instagram Ganim

May 21, 2019 GMT

BRIDGEPORT - Mayor Joe Ganim is warning his Instagram followers not to fall for an Insta-scam.

Ganim, who shares photos using the social networking app, recently posted a screen shot of what he labelled in large red letters an “imposter” account.

While Ganim’s account is “joeganim” the fake account is “_joeganim”, according to the mayor.

When he first ran Bridgeport from 1991 to 2003 Ganim did not have to deal with such technological headaches.

Since his successful comeback campaign in 2015, however, he has been the target of a few social media fakers.

An imposter launched a faux Ganim Twitter account just days after he won the November, 2015 election, and he faced the same problem again in December, 2017 when running for governor.