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1985 TWA Hijacking And Hamadi Chronology With AM-Germany-Hamadi

July 3, 1988

FRANKFURT, West Germany (AP) _ The following is a chronology of the major events of the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847 and developments leading to the trial of alleged hijacker Mohammed Ali Hamadi in Frankfurt:

-June 14, 1985: Two Shiite Moslem gunmen board Trans World Airlines flight 847 in Athens, Greece, and hijack the Boeing 727 after it takes off for Rome with 145 passengers and eight crew members aboard.

The plane is allowed to land in Beirut, Lebanon, were 17 passengers are released and more gunmen come aboard.

The plane is flown to Algeria where more passengers are released.

-June 15, 1985: The aircraft returns to Beirut. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem, 23, of Waldorf, Md., is killed and his body thrown onto the airport tarmac.

After ordering the plane back to Algiers, the hijackers release 53 additional passengers.

-June 16, 1985: The plane returns to Beirut, the hijackers threaten to blow it up and demand the release of 50 Lebanese held in Israel.

The Shiite Amal militia, which operates in Beirut, demands the release of 800 Lebanese prisoners in Israel.

The remaining passengers are taken off the aircraft and kept as hostages at locations in Beirut.

-June 20, 1985: Stethem is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

-June 23, 1985: Israel announces it will release 31 Shiite prisoners. Israel and the United States insist there is no linkage with the hijacking.

-June 29, 1985: Syria announces it has secured the release of the TWA hostages.

-June 30, 1985: On their 17th day of captivity, the Shiite captors hand over the 39 to the Red Cross, and the Americans are driven in a convoy to Damascus, Syria.

-June 31, 1985: The former hostages depart aboard a U.S. military plane for Frankfurt, West Germany.

-July 1, 1985: The former hostages arrive in Frankfurt. After medical exams, they are pronounced exhausted but fit.

-July 2, 1985: The former hostages leave Wiesbaden for home.

-Sept. 2, 1985: Crew members from the hijacked flight say they can identify photographs of the terrorist who killed Navy diver Stethem.

-Jan. 13, 1987: Mohammed Ali Hamadi, a Lebanese Shiite Moslem, is arrested at Frankfurt Airport carrying explosives after arriving on a flight from Beirut.

-Jan. 15, 1987: The U.S. Justice Department announces the indictment of four people, including Mohammed Hamadi, on murder and air piracy charges.

-Jan. 17, 1987: West German businessman Rudolf Cordes is kidnapped in Beirut.

-Jan. 20, 1987: The U.S. government files an extradition request seeking to have Mohammad Hamadi brought to the United States.

Alfred Schmidt, 47, a West German biomedical engineer, is kidnapped from his Beirut hotel room.

The kidnappers demand the release of Mohammed Hamadi and threaten to harm the West German hostages if he is extradited to the United States.

-Jan. 26, 1987: Abbas Ali Hamadi, brother of Mohammed Hamadi, is arrested at Frankfurt Airport for suspected involvement in kidnapping the West Germans in Beirut.

-June 24, 1987: West Germany rejects the U.S. extradition request.

Instead, the West German government approves a plan to try Mohammed Hamadi on the same charges.

-July 8, 1987: Abbas Hamadi is charged with kidnapping the West Germans in an attempt to blackmail the West German government into releasing his brother.

-Sept. 7, 1987: Hostage Alfred Schmidt is released in Lebanon.

-Jan. 5, 1988: Abbas Ali Hamadi goes on trial in Duesseldorf, West Germany.

-Feb. 8, 1988: Mohammed Hamadi is indicted in West Germany on charges of murder, air piracy and illegal possession of explosives.

-April 12, 1988: A Frankfurt state court says Mohammed Hamadi will be tried in a juvenile court because the ″perpetration of the crime″ may have begun before he was age 21.

-April 19, 1988: Abbas Hamadi is convicted of involvement in the Beirut kidnapping of the West Germans and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

-May 20, 1988: Frankfurt court announces Hamadi’s trial will begin on July 5.

-May 26, 1988: Six former American hostages and two relatives of murdered Navy diver Stethem announce they have joined in Hamadi’s prosecution.

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