Press release content from ACCESSWIRE. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
Press release content from ACCESSWIRE. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Introducing:Thai Jasmine Rice on the 3rd World’s Hom Mali Rice Harvesting Day in Phayao

November 28, 2019 GMT

PHAYAO,THAILAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2019 / On November 15th, the 3rd World’s Hom Mali Rice Harvesting Day was held in Phayao province organized by C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella). Together with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture,and local farmers in Phayao province under GAP Plus project by C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella) in order to drive Government’s policy which called “Phayao Model” . Who witnessed the group’s cooperation with rice vendors and signing MOU to promote Thai jasmine rice to the world. The group’s new brand “Hug Phayao” is officially introduced with its jasmine rice products to improve farmers life quality which also bring to sustainability agriculture.


Phayao, a vital place to grow jasmine rice

The well-known Thai rice, with a tender taste and a unique glutinous smell, is gaining popularity around the world gastronomy. Jasmine rice is regarded as national pride in the Thai.

As an agricultural province in Thai, Phayao is a place that grows high-quality jasmine rice due to its incredible natural privileges. Located in the northeastern Thai, Phayao has a warm and pleasant climate with sufficient illumination all over the year. Rice there is cultivated in clay soil which is close to an inactive volcano , surrounded by mountains and river sediment full of and nutrition

According to Senior Vice President of C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella) Mr. Withaya Sriareerug, among more than 20 rice-growing cities in Thai, Phayao is chosen to be one of the home of their jasmine rice due to its non-industrial environment. It is a place with no pollution, complete fresh air, and pure clean water. Cool air coming from the north in mild winters nurtures the rice with a sweet and natural smell.

“Hug Phayao”, introduced on the 3rd World’s Hom Mali Rice Harvesting Day, is the C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella)’s new Thai jasmine rice brand whose rice is fully produced in Phayao. Chinese trade partners are invited to collaborate with the company on the Harvest Day, to offer Chinese consumers a taste to imported Thai jasmine rice without having to travel to Thailand. It is also an opportunity to promote the brand to the rest of the world by introducing it to the Chinese market for a starter.

“Phayao is one of the most vital places to grow rice in Thailand.” says Mr. Thiti Lujintanon, COO of C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella), “We follow the government’s policy, not only to efficiently help our farmers grow and produce tasty rice to the world, but also to improve life quality of the farmers themselves.”


A significant improvement to farmers’ life quality

Another important reason that Harvest Day is held in Phayao is the success of the GAP Plus Project by C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella) in Phayao. The project is a win-win to consumers and local farmers for it both improves rice quality and productivity when the company acts as a link to benefit both ends. Farmers are given lower pesticide costs while consumers are less concerned about pesticide supervision issues and we can guarantee the market for them as the company plays the role of a middleman in the process. It is the project that helps farmers deliver their products to every rice lover around the globe.

GAP is short for Good Agricultural Practices, international standards that audit plants quality and safety. Such audits facilitate the process in cultivation, supervising farmers to use fewer chemicals such as fertilizer and pesticides, at the same time safeguarding the health condition of the farmers.

The GAP Plus Project, based on GAP, offers farmers a professional team in solving technical difficulties during cultivation. The team provides high-quality seeds of more than 98% purity to the farmers, improves soil quality by using soil analysis system, ensures water safety, and reduces the use of pesticides to guarantee the safety of the rice as much as possible. Besides, the team applies the pest monitoring system in the rice field, checks the field condition regularly, and estimates harvest time to collect the best rice. Developing sustainable agriculture, as well as improving life quality are the goals of the project.

“For farmers, rice is their life. If rice grows well this year, the whole family would be happy and satisfied.” According to Mr. Withaya Sriareerug, hopes to endorse the idea of “Rice is life” to the brand, a sincere wish from the farmers to all the consumers.

Thai rice for the Chinese

The Charoen Pokphand Group founded by a Thai Chinese has more than 100 years of history. Its subordinate company C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd has over 30 years’ experience in international trade with its rice products. “Hug Phayao”, as its latest Phayao brand introduced on Harvest Day, has owned multiple international certifications including HACCP and ISO9001 due to its standard rice making process from genetic seed test to professional factory manufacture, which all safeguard the high quality of its rice.

Hug Phayao also collaborates with artists in designing the product package bag, presenting consumers around the world an image of a local farmer couple both love growing rice. C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella) is longing to introduce high-quality Thai rice and its sustainable spirit to all consumers in 2020 by all means. By using the advantages of the internet, the brand will strengthen its connection with the consumers and give back membership rewards such as a trip to Thailand, interacting and promoting knowledge to all rice lovers.

To make sure Chinese consumers get to enjoy the Thai rice at its best taste, C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella) is planning to transport all the rice harvested at the end of the year to China by March 2020. Chinese consumers will be able to buy fresh Thai jasmine rice on several e-commerce platforms this December. Everything C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd (Royal Umbrella) does is for the latest fresh jasmine rice because rice is life.

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