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Press release content from ACCESSWIRE. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

FAN CHING HSIANG LOVE MUSIC (Happy Paradise) cared for visually impaired is released by Warner Music

November 14, 2019

The voice of the public welfare

SHANGHAI,CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 14, 2019 / Warner Music - sound of charity -- Fan Ching Hsiang ‘s new album “LOVE MUSIC 2019 Happy Paradise” was released globally on November 11, 2019.International music producer Yang Junyao’ another work followed Zhang Shaohan’s “Lead the way of the kite”, the album is made as long as two years.On behalf of the Chinese efforts to FANTREND trend of public welfare, slow ME/CFSslow city life, Millions Missing the global concern for chronic fatigue of public welfare projects.This was the first time thatFan Ching Hsiang sang with 11 visually impaired children in China, toured 11 cities for charity, and received public welfare certificates from 11 world representatives.

Sincerity, goodness and beauty

Public welfare musician Fan Ching Hsiang released his new public welfare album “LOVE MUSIC 2019 Happy Paradise” on the International Blind Day, paying tribute to the care of the blind and visually impaired people around the world. On November 11, he initiated the official release of “one heart for one benefit, one word and one action”.For the first time, there are two representatives of the world public welfare: Fan Ching Hsiang and Mei-ai Fusion Art Public Welfare Development Center -- a recording studio version of visually impaired children singing together. The spirit of the album is to advocate city people to “take heart as the basis, listen from heart and experience from heart” to create a beautiful vision of the world “happy paradise”.LOVE MUSIC “2019 Happy Paradise” charity album was produced by teams from Taipei, Shanghai, London and Seoul. Produced by Fanhe Culture planning and supervision, international musician Yang Junyao as the chief producer, Chinese female photographer Kanan is responsible for image design, Mu Yuan University Hu Tao is responsible for the visual creation, BOSE China joint release, Warner Music global distribution.

Set out by heart

“LOVE MUSIC 2019 Happy Paradise” charity album was produced by international musician Yang Junyao as the chief producer, LvXuehai wrote lyrics, Chen Fuming composed the music, and Fan Ching Hsiang sang the studio version of “Happy Paradise” for the first time together with the visually impaired children in the art public welfare development center.Music maker Yang Junyao conveyed the spirit that eyes cannot see,but one can hear life froma sincere heart. Fan Ching Hsiang also thanked Mr. LanGuochuan for his 19 years’ helping in his career, just like the “grace of traction”among the blind. To express thanks on the day of release, and to convey the power of good and good sense with music.

Care for the visually impaired, stars do public welfare together

The global group of blind and visually impaired is one of the disadvantaged groups in society. There are about 17 million visually impaired people in the greater China region, including 7 million who are completely blind.As a high degree of myopia and amblyopia,Fan Ching Hsiang felt that although the visually impaired people have visual impairment,thereis a good attitude, positive energy within their heart.He hopes to create life value together with the blind and visually impaired people around the world through the charity album “LOVE MUSIC 2019 Happy Paradise”.

Rolling stone classic, Warner Music homage

Happy Paradise was released by rolling stone records in 1986 for the relocation of the Yuanshan zoo in Taipei to care for animals and protect the environment.It was sung by Li Zongsheng, Zhou Huajian, Ji Hongren, Zhang Aijia, Qi Yu, Pan Yueyun, Huang Uunling, Chen Shuhua, Zheng Huajuan, Wang Xinlian, Tang Xiaoshi, Qian Huaiqi and so on and won the reputation of one of the world great love songs. The 2019 Happy Paradise album is another expression of the creative dimension 33 years after the release of Happy Paradise. It has been praised by Mr. Xiao Huangqi, a gold medal singer who is also a visually retarded person. Millions Missing, a global public welfare organization for chronic fatigue care, and the International Music Review Public Welfare Organization of China Lujiazui Community Public Welfare Foundation praised it as the Voice of Public Welfare, music written by the heart.

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