Why Eric Leduc Philanthropy and Entrepreneurial Spirit is Changing Lives

April 7, 2019 GMT

JACKSONVILLE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2019 / Eric Leduc was born in Milverton Ontario Canada, and that’s where he spent most of his childhood. He is a son to ken and Martha Leduc who currently live in Florida. He is a professional ice hockey player, and he has made over 400 appearances in hockey teams. Although, he was a great ice hockey player he came to the states as an Emergency Medical Technician. Moreover, he studied business and marketing at Fanshawe College where he learnt the basics of building a great business. As a hockey player, he played for the Huron Perth AAA Lakers team and the Milverton minor hockey college. Also, Eric Leduc Florida is a fitness coach, and he works with hockey clubs in Florida to guide the young athletes on how to maximise their full potential.

1. Mentorship

Growing up in Canada mentor played a significant life in his life. For this reason, Eric Leduc has dedicated his life to mentor upcoming business people and young hockey players. He believes in the fact that for you to succeed in life, you need to mentored and shown how to reach for the stars. Additionally, he sees that the success of a business person or any sportsperson is to the benefit of the whole community. He likes to put himself in a position where he is a role model and show the younger generation how to pursue their dreams. Additionally, he shows the young people on ways to give back to society once they have achieved their dreams. His belief in life is that once you are successful, you should remember that your success is not limited to you as an individual, but it reflects the whole community.


2. Entrepreneurship

Eric Leduc believes in innovation and flexibility in the business world. For this reason, he aims at improving his business and trying to use new technology to expand his interests. This has seen him build an empire and grow his business immensely. He is always trying to expand his business and looks for new ways to expand and thrive in business. Even with the great success, he has in business he never stops to listen to new ideas and try out new inventions. He believes that you need to keep on trying no matter how many times it doesn’t work. This has led him to achieve greater heights in the highly competitive business world. He has helped his community by creating job opportunities in all his businesses. This has led to an improvement in the living standards of the people living in his community.

3. Coaching


Eric Leduc is a fitness coach, and he stays in shape by eating healthy and visiting the gym every so often. He has committed most of his part-time in training young hockey players on how to stay in shape and maximise their potential. Hockey is a game that requires commitment and for you to be in shape and have the energy and strength to play the game. He mentors the young athletes and lets them know that for them to succeed in the game they have to be committed and focused. He shows them the need to strive for the best and push yourself hard until you get where you want to be in life and the game.


Eric Leduc Jacksonville Florida is a great mentor and entrepreneur. He has dedicated most of his free time in mentoring the young athletes and business people. This has helped most of them have a basis of how to improve their business, and the athletes learn how to push themselves to achieve the best.