Quinton Oswald Medical Contributions Has Transformed The Community

May 9, 2019 GMT

VERO BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2019 / Quinton Charles Oswald is a well-known entrepreneur with more than three decades experience in big pharma and biotech. Quinton Oswald was born and raised in South Africa, and this is where he started his career with the Bristol Myers.

After working with Bristol Myers for a few years, he relocated to Holland where he played a major role in merging of Bristol Myers and Squibb, and this formed the Bristol Myers Squibb.

During his time he has held the leadership position in different pharmaceutical companies like Neurotech Pharmaceuticals Inc., Novartis, Genentech and SARcode. Quinton Oswald relocated to the United States in 1993.

1. His career

Quinton Oswald Florida has served as chief executive officer, head of global marketing and sales operations, senior vice president, president of Latin America and Canada, president of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. All of these roles are connected to the pharmaceuticals and biotech companies.


When he was working in Novartis Pharmaceuticals, he served as the senior vice president and the head of Ophthalmic Division of North American region. Quinton Charles Oswald has excellent knowledge and history in ophthalmology space which is the knowledge that explains the astronaut’s visual in space. He has the right combination of sector knowledge and commercial expertise.

Additionally, he played an important role in discovering and development of finding an ophthalmic solution for the dry eye disease. He achieved this when working for SARcode bioscience sector. This discovery made an impact and a change to most astronauts. After this development, he became the CEO of Neurotech company which is interested in how the brain functions. Also, he worked as the CEO of Notal Vision company, and he retired in 2018. AI tools drive Notal Vision Company for the production of cloud-based telemedicine.

Quinton Oswald Vero Beach Florida get excited when working with AI (artificial intelligence) health care. This healthcare involves monitoring a patient remotely and detecting any medical problem. This allows a patient to go on with their daily work and the doctor can be notified in case of any problem. The use of these devices is the future of a more personalized medical visit from the doctors.

2. His role in pharmaceutical and biotech companies

• Provide leadership

Quinton Oswald Florida is a great leader and in most of the companies that he has worked in his significant role is to provide guidance. He has skills in coaching and counseling his seniors which makes it easier for most people to work with him.


He is good at establishing tactical plans and offering strategic direction to his team. This makes him a great leader whom people can look up to. Additionally, he is a stun and serious person where he ensures that everything that they agreed on as a team is fulfilled and done promptly.

• He strategizes and brings ideas to work

Most people can come up with an idea but implementing them requires discipline and commitment. Quinton Oswald is great when it comes to bringing ideas to work; he works extra hard and pushes everyone around him to achieve the set goals. He strategizes and plans all the meetings that involve making a simple idea to something great. He uses annual idea sessions where he examines all the ideas and asks for ways to implement them.

Additionally, he has frequent communications and hall meetings stating what needs to be done to implement these ideas. Having a strong mindset and energy to push for idea implementation has led him to achieve a lot of goals.


Running a pharmaceutical company requires one to be disciplined and open to new ideas every day. Quinton Charles Oswald’s habit that drives him to pursue his goals is the belief that learning doesn’t stop. He believes that people should never get tired to pursue knowledge.

SOURCE: Quinton Oswald