Flashpoint Immigration

Building the wall, rolling back protections for parents of citizen children, ending safeguards for “Dreamers” — they became hallmarks of Donald Trump’s campaign and now an administration whose hard-line policies are sparking debate over immigration in the U.S. and beyond.

Daughter asks court to reconsider her mother’s deportation

July 24, 2018
Jennifer Tadeo-Uscanga reads excerpts from a letter she submitted to the court overseeing her mother's case.

Deportations Take Toll on Mixed-Status Families

July 23, 2018

With an American husband and US-born daughter, Letty Stegall thought she was immune from deportation. Now, two decades after entering the country illegally, she sits in Mexico, phones and a laptop her only connection to her former life. (July 23)

Many miles from the Mexico border, authorities are separating families in operations that target immigrants already in the U.S., conducted in the name of public safety. One such operation prompted school officials and others to jump in to help. (Video shot and edited by Manuel Valdes.)

Over two days, immigration agents staked out homes and business across northern Kentucky, picking up 22 migrants. It was an ordinary raid, but it had lingering effects not just on families that were separated but on the communities they had come to call home. These are some of the faces of the ...

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