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Press release content from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Stefanini Launches Sophie 3.0

October 9, 2018 GMT

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Oct. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stefanini, a $1B global IT provider, announced today that the company is launching the latest version of its advancing cognitive computing solution, Sophie, the world’s premier corporate artificial intelligence (AI) agent. With the ability to turn data into valuable solutions, Sophie was fully developed within Stefanini’s research and development labs.

According to Fabio Caversan, AI research and development director at Stefanini NA and one of the creators of Sophie, among the benefits of Sophie 3.0 is an easier way to integrate and add knowledge to her. “The new version of our AI platform Sophie brings new tools to update her knowledge to quickly integrate her with other systems, platforms or websites,” said Mr. Caversan. “With our accelerators, businesses are up and running faster, for faster savings. Sophie’s implementation takes about half the time of competitors and in most cases half the price.”

Unique Skills

Sophie is based on cognitive computing and AI, with a focus in self-adaptation, interactive, and contextual automation that enables self-learning, human-like interactions and self-healing automation capabilities. She can assist with tasks, such as triggering workflow, auto escalation, presenting knowledge to users and much more.

According to Mr. Caversan, there are two main approaches to AI. The first, called “connectionist,” emulates the brain, identifying signals, patterns and symbols. In the AI community, this approach is replicated through the deep neural networks algorithm. The second approach, called “symbolic,” tries to emulate the mind with symbols and significance, not necessarily connected to patterns, but to meaning. “What makes Sophie so strong is that it combines both approaches into one powerful mind,” said Mr. Caversan.

Using this hybrid approach, Sophie can understand concepts and relationships. Stefanini’s AI platform has the ability to understand the meaning of words and phrases and relate them to the real world. “Sophie learns at a faster pace and can be implemented in a shorter period of time than any other tool in the market, and she was designed for complex, high-demand environments. Sophie thinks using the symbolic process, which leads to a faster learning process, as well as better conversational skills and user comprehension,” said Mr. Caversan.

Sophie uses common knowledge networks—3 million related words, as an initial installation without any training effort, and a global collaborative archive that relates human concepts to enable Sophie to get to the bottom of a question. Easily extensible, integration is part of Sophie’s DNA. “Our AI platform was also designed to connect legacy systems, ITSM tools, CRM, ERP and more, offering an end-to-end, single-screen experience that will amaze the end user. The ability to load data more quickly into the AI platform is one aspect that makes us unique,” said Mr. Caversan.

About Stefanini

Stefanini ( www.stefanini.com ) is a Brazilian multinational with 30 years of experience in the market, investing in a complete innovation ecosystem to meet the main verticals and assist customers in the process of digital transformation. With robust offerings aligned with market trends such as automation, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and user experience (UX), the company has been recognized with several awards in the area of innovation.

Today, the company has a broad portfolio of solutions that combine innovative consulting, marketing, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence services for traditional solutions such as service desk, field service and outsourcing (BPO).

With a presence in 40 countries, Stefanini was named the fifth most internationalized company, according to the Dom Cabral Foundation ranking of 2017.

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