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Press release content from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Instreamatic and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Announce Partnership to Introduce Interactive Voice Ads Across Japan and Asia

March 7, 2019 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO, March 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instreamatic.ai, the platform for voice-enabled ads that allows media companies and advertisers to measure, manage, and monetize audio content by utilizing interactive voice AI technology, and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, one of the largest media advertising groups in Japan, today announced a new partnership to introduce AI-powered interactive voice advertising in Japan and additional markets across Asia.

“Instreamatic’s platform brings an exciting, unprecedented new level of measurability to audio advertising – along with a unique ad experience that enables brands to engage more meaningfully with audiences,” said Ooki Hideyuki, Radio Division General Manager, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners. “We look forward to our new partnership with Instreamatic, and to delivering on the opportunities that Instreamatic’s technology presents for our brand-side clients.”

Whereas visual digital advertising has long utilized the click as a standard measure for quantifying the success with which ad campaigns resonate with potential customers, audio advertising faces an inherent “click challenge” in that audio ad creative cannot be clicked. Instreamatic offers a game-changing solution to this challenge, enabling brands to engage in AI-powered interactive voice dialogues with consumers, offer targeted products and services, and receive rich data metrics to understand audience responses and inform campaign iterations.

In practice, a consumer listening to a music streaming app, a podcast, or another audio-based medium will be delivered a voice ad prompting a verbal response. For example, an ad targeting listeners on mobile phones might highlight the benefits of a new app, and ask the listener to respond affirmatively if they want to download the app, or simply say they’re not interested to end the ad. Because Instreamatic’s voice AI core features natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities, consumers are not limited to yes/no responses, but instead can communicate as if speaking with a live person and be fully understood. The platform’s AI also utilizes deep learning to study interactions and refine its understanding, iteratively increasing both its vocabulary and ability to predict audience intent. Through this improving understanding, Instreamatic is designed to continuously enhance ad experiences and campaign performance.

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners will use Instreamatic’s platform to build voice-enabled ad campaigns for brands, and place those ads with media publishers using Instreamatic’s technology. Hakuhodo DY Media Partners will fully leverage the high-quality empirical ad metrics Instreamatic’s platform provides to recognize audio ad engagement and performance, and make dynamic, real-time changes to optimize the performance of ad campaigns on behalf of brand clients.

Instreamatic’s ad platform has already achieved promising performance results in preliminary campaign activities, which Hakuhodo DY Media Partners will seek to build upon. In Instreamatic-driven campaigns for Mastercard, Alfa Bank, Bookmate, and others conducted in Q4 2018, the platform delivered responses nearing 12% engagement rates and 4-5% interest rates, achievements reaching fully double the threshold for unequivocal success in the ad marketplace.

“As voice interactions become increasingly commonplace, we’re proud to offer a brand-new kind of ad platform that enables advertisers to engage with customers through the power of conversation, and harness detailed metrics that have until now been unavailable to audio advertisers,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic.ai. “We’re glad to have Hakuhodo DY Media Partners as our new partner in introducing the rich possibilities of interactive, voice-enabled advertising to brands across Japan and Asia, and look forward to demonstrating the success that these ads can deliver for Hakuhodo DY Media Partners’ clients.”

About Instreamatic.ai

Instreamatic.ai is a voice-enabled ad platform utilizing voice AI technology. The company provides an end-to-end solution for managing, measuring and monetizing voice-enabled advertising including a programmatic Ad Exchange for assisting clients with advertising sales. Founded in 2014 with services focused on digital audio and ad sales, the company shifted its focus to establishing the first voice-enabled end-to-end solution for digital audio publishers and marketers. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.

About Hakuhodo DY Media Partners

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners is a fully owned subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc., the holding company established from Hakuhodo, Daiko and Yomiko’s business integration in 2003. Formed from media operations of these three agencies, we are a fully integrated media company without peer in the Japanese market. Hakuhodo DY Media Partners handles the media and content business of the Hakuhodo DY group. In tandem with our three sister agencies, we design leading-edge media strategies and ideas for advertisers, media owners and content holders.

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