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Press release content from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

View Systems, Inc. (VSYM) Issues Update to Shareholders on their Award Winning Concealed Weapons Detection System (CWD) and Medical Marijuana Operations in South America.

October 16, 2019

Baltimore, MD, Oct. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- View Systems, Inc. ( VSYM ) today issued an update to shareholders on their Medical Marijuana Operations in Colombia and their distribution plans for their Concealed Weapons Detection System.

View Systems, Inc. has installed hundreds of Concealed Weapons Detection Systems for private and Government entities around the World for over 20 years. Their signature product, ViewScan, recently won the 2019 Best Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection New Product Award at a presentation made by a View Systems licensee at the Security Industries Association (SIA) trade show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

An industry panel of experts from the SIA recognized the ViewScan as an outstanding access control device. Judging the product on level of innovation, value, fulfilling a market void, improvement over current market offerings and on its strength of features and functionality. For more information on this award, please visit their licensees’ press release, https://ipvideocorp.com/ipvideo-corp-wins-the-sia-2019-best-anti-terrorism-force-prevention-award-at-isc-west/

ViewScan is the most technologically advanced passive walkthrough Concealed Weapons Detection System. Its easy-to-use, PC-based software displays and tracks those who are carrying threat objects. ViewScan’s sensor technology accurately detects the location and number of threat objects such as knives, guns and razor blades, etc.

The Company considers this award very significant and appreciates the effectiveness of their partners presentation, they also consider the accolades of existing customers to be just as important. As in most businesses, Customer Satisfaction is Job 1. ViewScan has received many accolades about ViewScan from existing customers.

View Systems has installed dozens of Concealed Weapons Detection Systems for the Detroit Public School District. “On behalf of CMA, thank you for the ViewScan System. This system has provided us with a new level of efficiency. It is my hope that all Detroit Public High Schools can use a ViewScan System,” stated Donya Odom, Principal, Communication & Media Arts High School.

Lt. Robert L Moore, Assistant Court Division Commander at the DeKalb County (GA) Sheriff’s Office commented, “We have been very happy with the performance of the three ViewScan units since their purchase and installation. We have received many positive comments from courthouse employees as well as from members of the public conducting business within the courthouse. Some are fascinated with the new technology and some are happy with the throughput speed. My personnel are finding the specific information presented on the laptop computer to be helpful in expediting the screening process. The ViewScan lends to the phrase, ‘Work smart, not hard.’ I am confident that Sheriff Brown’s purchase of three ViewScans for the DeKalb County Courthouse has been a good investment in the security of the complex and its occupants. I look forward to future software upgrades as technology continues to evolve. Thank you again for your product and service.”

Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, Effingham County (GA) Sheriff’s Office also commented, “I am currently using the ViewScan system in the Effingham County Jail and in our Courthouse. I am incredibly pleased with its capabilities. Our deputies like the reliability and ease of use. I like the fact that the system takes a snapshot photograph of each person that walks through the portal and saves it in case we need to go back and look at it later. It is my pleasure to recommend the ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detector to any other law enforcement professionals looking to add to the security of their facilities.”

In the wake of the mass school shootings that created a wave of copycat shooters, major school districts have been particularly sensitive to weapons detection. Chief Kevin C. Scroggins, Director of Safety, Security & Emergency Planning for the Inglewood (CA) Unified School District stated, “The ViewScan provides our district with the most advanced security system on the market to date. As Chief of Police, I like the non-contact imaging capabilities that reduce the need for wanding and searches, while ignoring common items like coins, watches and jewelry. I also like the video archiving capabilities that your system has, as well as its portability. No other system on the market today can do what your system can do. I personally would recommend this system to any school district that wants a safer environment. As you know, a safer environment can lead to a better learning environment. Thank you for coordinating the Inglewood Unified School District’s purchase of this new technology.”

Aside from schools, jails, and courthouses, ViewScan is also being used by the busiest ports in the U.S. Heightened border security should expand ViewScan’s penetration into this market. Noel K Cunningham, Director of Operations and Emergency Management and Martin A. Renteria, Administrative Captain, Los Angeles Port Police commented, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing the Port of Los Angeles to the ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detector. We are very impressed with the sensing technology that spatially identifies threat items coupled with the ability for the system to pinpoint its location upon a person. Thanks once again for helping us improve our system.”

View Systems intends to capitalize on their many years of Customer Satisfaction by rolling out new products to address the World’s growing need for security around the World. In addition to ViewScan, View Systems, has recently entered the medical marijuana market in South America by acquiring Sannabis, S.A.S., a cannabis operation in Colombia. This acquisition was made to bring in management that can roll out production of a new ViewScan product in the Colombian port city of Barranquilla and access international capital markets.

“I have known Gunther Than and View Systems for decades, as a Colombian-American from Baltimore, I am committed to continuing its tradition of quality products while taking advantage of the logistical and operational advantage that Barranquilla has to offer. Additionally, I was a pioneer in Colombia’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry and we intend to develop that sector as well, at some point separating the two industries to the benefit of all shareholders. Sannabis has been very active recently and we will be making further announcements that will explain what we have to offer,” commented John Campo, President/Chairman of View Systems, Inc.

For further information on the exclusive licensing deal with View Systems Inc., visit www.viewsystems.com and IPVideo Corporation, visit www.ipvideocorp.com

About View Systems Inc.

View Systems Inc. provides security and surveillance products to law enforcement facilities such as correctional institutions as well as to government agencies, schools, courthouses, event and sports venues, the military and commercial businesses. View Systems’ products are used by commercial businesses and residential consumers wishing to monitor their assets and limit their liability. For more information, visit www.viewsystems.com

View Systems Inc. ( www.viewsystems.com ) is the developer of the ViewScan

Weapons Detection System, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sanctioned

product used by law enforcement and correctional facilities, government

agencies, schools, courthouses, special events, sports venues, military, and

commercial businesses. View Systems acquired Colombian Cannabis company, Sannabis, to diversify into the burgeoning Cannabis industry with new management committed to continue developing their ViewScan Weapons Detection System in Colombia for the local and international market. View Systems intends to file for a name and symbol change in the near future, however, they will continue to develop their newly enhanced state of the art ViewScan products in Barranquilla, Colombia for the local and international markets.

ViewScan is installed at government agencies in Washington, DC and elsewhere, major school systems, correctional facilities, ports, and police stations around the world. View Scan has also been used at events where top security clearance is required for former Presidents. In this Market Survey Report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ViewScan demonstrated more features than their top competitors, https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/WTMD-MSR_0614-508.pdf


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