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Press release content from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.


January 21, 2020 GMT

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wesley Financial Group (WFG) continued to cement its position as a leading consumer advocate for those seeking to rid themselves of a costly timeshare with record numbers of inquiries, cancellations and debt relief in 2019.

In 2019, WFG received nearly 140,000 inbound inquiries from consumers seeking timeshare relief as compared with 54,000 in 2018, which is a 250% increase. The company has a thorough qualification process to ensure that those it represents were lied to or misrepresented during the timeshares sales process. Based on this, the company added nearly 9,000 new clients in 2019.


“If we were not selective about our clients, we could double, triple or even quadruple our revenues,” said Robin McVey, WFG President. “That’s not what we are about. Wesley Financial Group exists to help those who were wronged and we are proud of our work and the incredible debt relief we’ve been able to provide.”

WFG successfully cancelled 3,390 timeshares in 2019, resulting in nearly $50 million in mortgage debt relief for its clients. In comparison, the company cancelled 1,114 timeshares in 2018 with nearly $15 million debt relief. These amounts do not take into account the ongoing and ever-increasing maintenance fees that consumers with timeshares are also charged.

“The financial burden placed on consumers by timeshare companies through deceptive sales practices is enormous and, for a lot of people, financially crippling,” added McVey.

Bill and Betty Lee are examples of consumers who found themselves upside down financially after purchasing two timeshares. Desperate to get relief from their almost $50,000 in mortgage debt, they reached out to WFG where they were connected with Angel Hoyt, a resolution specialist for the company.

“Angel Hoyt was absolutely essential to our getting out from under this debt,” said Betty Lee. “She is knowledgeable about how this ‘industry’ works and was able to assist us with each step to get these people off our backs and out of her lives. Without her assistance, we would still be victims of the ‘Vacation’ club’s predatory actions. Angel delivered on everything that the Wesley Financial Group promised in its commercials.”


To learn more about Bill and Betty Lee’s situation, click here.

Unlike most others in the timeshare cancellation industry, WFG handles all phases of the cancellation process internally as opposed to any outsourcing. Prospective clients go through a thorough qualification process to determine if WFG can assist them. For those approved, WFG has been able to get timeshare owners relief in an average of less than 300 days. The company is so confident in its process that it offers a money-back guarantee if WFG cannot get its clients freed from their timeshare agreements. The company’s overwhelmingly positive reviews speak for themselves.

Chuck McDowell helped create the timeshare cancellation industry with the formation of WFG in 2011. In 2012, he successfully defended his company and the industry in a landmark case versus one of the largest timeshare companies in the U.S. The company has cancelled timeshare debt for more than 12,000 consumers.

Based in Franklin, Tenn., WFG holds a platinum business credit score rating from Dun & Bradstreet. Visit www.timesharecancellations.com for more information. WFG can also be followed on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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