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Quad M Solutions Updates January 2020 Business Developments at Open Access Staffing Subsidiary

January 13, 2020 GMT

TOM’S RIVER, N.J., Jan. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quad M Solutions, Inc (the ’Company’) purchased majority control of Valleybrook Consulting LLC, a staffing company, in early November 2019. This acquisition provided the requisite relationship with our TPA (third party administrator) and Sun Life, one of the largest medical stop-loss reinsurers to commence our sales strategy. Doing business as (DBA) Open Access, the Staffing Company commenced on-boarding several hundred new employee lives with the assistance of our new JV partner Infiniti HR Inc. Their adding new employee lives has continued into January and we expect significant developments as the year progresses and as the JV Relationship becomes more digitally connected.

Open Access provides an Employer of Record (EOR-staffing company) solution to providing independent contractors, ‘GIG economy’ workers, entrepreneurs and small group employers quality comprehensive major medical health insurance and employee benefit options. OpenAxess will provide these customers a one-stop-shop for managing employment filings, but especially providing affordable major medical comprehensive health insurance (at rates 15-50% less expensive including tax savings) benefits. The Company believes their health insurance solution will enable Open Access to be vastly unique in its ability to service a market, some say is nearly 60 million US individuals, who are working for themselves as independent contractors. The major fully insured health insurers k/a ‘BUCA’ (Blue Cross, United, Cigna, Anthem, Aetna) have ignored this market, except to exploit it, and as a result left these workers to buy their over-priced health insurance as individuals. Our Staffing Company solution enables the individual to be an employee of the Staffing Company and staffed back to their company. This allows the Staffing Company to provide all its employees with affordable health insurance benefits as a larger company, while providing the staffed client to continue having its workers acting as independent contractors through their ownership entities. Their entities continue to act, operate and receive all the benefits as they are the owners of these entities.

Pat Dileo, CEO of Quad M Solutions, said, “We developed Open Access staffing company to include the Company’s proprietary products to benefit from and complement our recent JV with Infiniti HR Inc., called PrimeAxess, in marketing to the franchisees of Infiniti’s PEO franchisor customers. We believe there are over 500,000 franchisee employee lives of Infiniti’s franchisor customers. These are businesses with many having less than four or five employees who cannot receive adequate corporate group employer health insurance benefits. We plan to coordinate with Infiniti HR, Inc. to actively market to this new market sector never before coordinated by Infiniti HR’s traditional PEO business enterprise. Each employee life could represent revenue estimated to be as high as $10,000/year with 20% operating margins or higher. Therefore, all of Infiniti’s franchisees of its present clients represent an annual $5 billion revenue market to Quad M Solutions, Inc. It is not guaranteed the Company get all the franchisee employees to convert to our staffing company, but it is the JV’s stated goal.”

Independent Contractors and GIG economy workers have been growing 500% faster than regular W-2 employees over the last decade. According to a recent index provided by Google informatics some of the industries with the highest self-employment businesses are: Dentists: 132,120; Ground Maintenance Workers i.e. landscapers: 1,165,745; Farmers: 679,338; Writers and Authors & Editors & Photographers: 242,969; Real Estate Brokers and Agents: 219,440; Lawyers: 295,458. These are just some of the sectors the Company feels gives rise to the growth ahead for the Company and its staffing companies OpenAxess and PrimeAxess. There are many other industries where a large component of their workers are independent contractors and self-employed. Traditionally many of these workers have been buying their health insurance with after tax dollars. The Company’s Staffing Company solutions allows these workers to use pre-tax dollars to pay health insurance and benefit premiums with savings of 10% to as much as 50%. The Company believes it offers the first real today solution without any need for change in law to lead the ‘gig economy’ worker in a national movement providing them affordable and sustainable health insurance benefits. It’s a ‘target rich’ environment for the Company to provide its products and services.

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