James Patterson

Bill Clinton: ‘I like the life I have now’

June 3, 2018

Bill Clinton says it ‘it was fun’ to imagine being president again co-writing his new book ‘The President Is Missing’ with James Patterson, but he doesn’t miss his old job.  (June 3)

Clinton and Patterson: Events of our book could happen

June 3, 2018

The book is officially fiction, the story of a president who disappears as he tries to prevent an apocalyptic cyberattack: The authors, Bill Clinton and James Patterson, swear it could happen. (June 3)

James Wolk says his ‘Zoo’ character has evolved, like the series

July 26, 2017

The CBS series 'Zoo' is based on a James Patterson novel but the show has taken on a life of its own in the third season. James Wolk says his character has also evolved since the beginning of the series. (July 26)

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