Locked Up For Life

Earl Rice Jr. was jailed at 17 for a purse-snatching that took a woman's life and sentenced to life without parole. Now 61, he walked out of a Pennsylvania prison last fall after more than four decades. But to make it at 60-something in a world that has tossed aside most of what you knew as a teenager, it takes something more. (Reported by Adam Geller.)
Bobby Hines is one of dozens of former teen offenders released from prison after the Supreme Court banned juvenile life without parole. He got out after 28 years. This is what his first day of freedom looks like.

Sentenced to life without parole for his role in a murder at age 15, Bobby Hines is free at 43. He reads a poem that he wrote while in prison.

Ex-Juvenile Lifer Begins New Life On the Outside

October 30, 2017
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