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Trump Shows Way in North Carolina House Races, Models Winning Formula

September 12, 2019

Retake The House 2020 – A New PAC for a New Election – Will Follow

PAC Focused on Recapturing House Seats by Conservative Candidates

Washington, D.C. - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 12, 2019 - President Trump’s stunning victory in the 3rd and 9th Districts of North Carolina, winning both of the off-year elections for vacant Congressional seats – won by virtue of his dynamic campaign appearance in North Carolina just before balloting began – has proven the effectiveness of what may prove to be the winning electoral model for the 2020 race.  In particular, this is our approach being adopted by Retake the House 2020, a new political action committee, dedicated to regaining a conservative majority in the House of Representatives.

“We intend to follow President Trump’s example by putting boots and resources on the ground in contested Congressional districts in 2020,” according to organization founder and CEO Peter Berkman.  “Unfortunately, in the next election, President Trump will have his own campaign to run – he can’t take time off to campaign for strong conservative candidates who are in tightly-contested races.” “Realizing this,” Berkman explained, “we plan to focus on those districts where a dedicated, constitutional conservative is going head-to-head with a Socialist Democrat, one who mirrors the far-left extremism of the Democrats’ candidate for President. In those districts, as a de facto Trump surrogate, we will do our part to help retake the House. This approach, modeled after Trump’s decisive intervention in North Carolina, will allow us to make a decisive difference in 2020.”

Retake The House 2020 is made up of a group of everyday, grass-roots Americans – not seasoned political operatives, but people eager to see American change for the better.

“As our name states,” Berkman noted, “our grass-roots group’s goal is to help conservative candidates win in 2020.  By law, PACs like ours cannot directly coordinate with any candidates. That is why our game plan calls for us to use our business-honed organizational skills, our extensive lists of pro-conservative voters, our demonstrated fund-raising horsepower – and our ability to work in parallel with local candidates – to help ensure the victory of the candidates we support.”                   

Following the general election Tuesday September 10, a vote which ensured that conservative Congressmen will represent the 3rd and 9th Districts of North Carolina for the remainder of this Congressional term, the House breakdown stands at 199 Republicans, 235 Democrats and one Independent.  To take back the House in 2020, the Republicans will need to win at least 218 seats. “That is our goal,” Berkman explained, “to help true constitutional conservatives to recapture a majority in the House of Representatives.  This was the vision of our Founding Fathers more than two centuries ago,” Berkman said, “and we strongly advocate for a return to those core values of liberty and freedom.  This shift is more important than at any time since the Revolution.”

Retake the House 2020 stands for, and will support House candidates who stand for:

· Building a border security wall that will allow America to control immigration and ensure our national sovereignty

· Preserving our second amendment rights, including gun ownership, as well as the right to not only keep, but to bear arms

· Keeping our Military well funded, our Nation secure, and our Veterans well cared for

· Strong global diplomatic policies that put America’s interests first

· Fair international trade deals that put an end to unfair trading practices followed by other countries, such as China, Japan and the European Union

· Continued Federal-level deregulation that will support the growth of private sector businesses

· Appointment of Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges who understand and support the preservation of the Constitution – men and women who are not interested in “legislating from the bench”

· Smaller government and lower taxes

· Removing government from the healthcare business while ensuring that everyone receives the life-saving care they need

· Recognizing and respecting the sanctity of life for the unborn and the elderly

· Economic freedom for all Americans

“Today, we Americans are confronted by the constant, often near-hysterical demands of Socialists and Progressives who now lead the Democrat Party – and especially their candidates for office in 2020,” Berkman said.  “Their hatred of and contempt for all things that their fellow Americans have held dear for nearly 250 years floods the airways from every direction. Someone has to take a stand for the America our Founders bequeathed to us, and that is where Retake the House 2020 intends to make a positive difference for America.”

About Retake the House 2020

Retake The House 2020 is a committed conservative grass-roots political action committee, dedicated to helping strongly conservative candidates to win their House races in 2020.  Learn more about RTH 2020 at Retakethehouse2020.org .

For more information, or to schedule a press interview with RTH 2020 founder Peter Berkman, contact Communications Director Ned Barnett at 702-561-1167 or ned@retakethehouse2020.org


Retake the House 2020 is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) C00714899 as an independent-expenditure-only committee, also known as a Super PAC. As such, we do not and will not make direct financial contributions to any candidate or party. However, we are engaged in raising funds that will allow us to make unencumbered political expenditures that are independent of any campaign, but which are designed instead to help our selected conservative candidates for the House in the upcoming 2020 election. Under law and FEC regulations, we can raise funds from individuals, corporations, unions, and other groups without any legal limit on donation size.