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New Research Tools Boost Insight Into Consumers’ Emotions & Decision Processes

February 27, 2020 GMT

LOS ANGELES - February 27, 2020 - ( Newswire.com )

​​Breakthrough Research today announced the launch of three new market research tools. In studies conducted by the L.A.-based research firm, these tools have helped improve the prediction of voting behavior, social media use and even revealed emotional differences and similarities between Democrats and Republicans and their feelings about President Donald Trump. These innovative tools, known as ACE, GIDE, AND PIC, allow businesses and organizations to access deeper and richer insights into consumers’ thoughts and emotions and the drivers of their behavior.

ACE stands for “Automatically Created Emotion,” and measures consumers’ non-conscious emotional reactions. Participants are shown a prime image (such as a politician, brand, or product) and an image of abstract art and are asked to indicate their emotional response to the art. Using this technique, ACE is able to capture respondents’ gut reactions and, therefore, help improve prediction of consumer behavior. In fact, in a study where respondents completed an ACE exercise for several politicians, ACE significantly increased the ability to predict retroactive voting behavior beyond political party alone.

GIDE, short for “Guided Immersive Decision Environment”, uses established guided imagery techniques to mentally place respondents in a specific context relevant to their real-world decisions. In a recent longitudinal study, survey respondents were 110% more accurate in predicting their future social media usage when they experienced a GIDE visualization.

Finally, PIC or “Projective Image Choice,” uses visual metaphors to better capture consumers’ true emotional experiences and accompanying changes in motivation and judgment. Breakthrough Research recently conducted a study in which respondents were presented with images of President Donald Trump and then engaged in a PIC image choice exercise to indicate how they felt. PIC revealed that not only do Democrats feel stronger negative emotions about the president than Republicans feel positive emotions, but Republicans are more diverse in their emotions toward Trump, with some expressing positive emotions and some expressing negative emotions that mirror those expressed by Democrats.

“Traditional research tools do not fully capture the visceral experience of emotion. With these tools, we’re able to access a deeper understanding of human emotion and behavior,” says  Dan Braker, President of Breakthrough Research. “This means the results of our research have a stronger predictive quality when paired with existing research tools. They allow our clients to have a richer understanding of their customers while also helping them to better predict consumer behavior.”

About Breakthrough Research

Breakthrough Research is a Los Angeles-based market research firm founded in 2013 by Dan Braker, a seasoned researcher with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Breakthrough Research is best known for its innovative approach to research by constantly striving to develop new tools for accessing better data, customizing methodology to fit the needs of each client and their specific goals, and leveraging the power of design to improve the communication of high-impact research.

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