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Ogawa Releases Brand New Master Drive AI Massage Chair

November 25, 2019
The Ogawa Master Drive AI features a 4D SL-track massage, Chair Doctor, Alexa Integration, and Stretch Programs.
The Ogawa Master Drive AI features a 4D SL-track massage, Chair Doctor, Alexa Integration, and Stretch Programs.

LOS ANGELES - November 25, 2019 - ( Newswire.com )

​In the age of in-home fitness, brands like Peloton, Ogawa, Tonal, and Mirror, are helping people that are looking for every way to stay fit and relaxed, in the leisure of their own home. These are just some of the companies that understand this and are acting quickly by investing heavily in health and wellness technology. With the in-home fitness boom it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for the best when it comes to in-home fitness options. You can now cover almost every aspect of your health regiment in the home, with massage chairs, exercise apps, and virtual trainers. Technology has made this possible by allowing people to take a cycle, box, or get a massage on their own schedule.

Today we’re looking at how Ogawa has put some serious research dollars behind their most advanced massage chair yet, the Master Drive AI. In this brief breakdown, we’re going to introduce Ogawa and take a look at the Master Drive AI’s most exciting features.

Ogawa World was started over 20 years ago to offer health and beauty solutions to customers in Malaysia. They have since grown to a billion-dollar company in over 20 countries around the world. Being the largest designer and manufacturer of massage chairs they know how important it is to invest heavily in the R&D process. Within the last 5 years, Ogawa invested over 30 million dollars in their Master Drive AI massage chair far outpacing their closest competitors like Inada or Panasonic. As one of the leading Designers of massage chairs in the United States, Ogawa World USA is excited to add this chair to their current product offering. Let’s take a look at what makes this massage chair so cool.

To think about a massage chair, one tends to think about relaxing in a chair, and getting the perfect massage with little or no effort. But how does a massage chair do all this? Ogawa thinks it all starts with the massage robotic. A massage robotic that is so advanced that it can provide the same experience as a human. The massage robotic that Ogawa designed is called a 4D L-track massage mechanism. It has the timing of a human hand, the adjustability to go lighter or deeper, as well as heat therapy applied to the area of the massage. Ogawa is so serious about their roller technology that they have the largest amount of patents of any massage chair company. What they call “Vario-Motion” technology is able to target the hard to reach places like the nape of the neck, and lower sciatica area, smoothly and with the ideal massage choreography. Ogawa designers and engineers in their Los Angeles, CA headquarters describe the movements as being as smooth as a Cadillac with the technology of a Tesla. Ok great, the massage robot is considered the best, but what can it offer for my overall health and wellness.

Ogawa invented, what has been called the “Chair Doctor” Feature. The way this technology works is by taking measurements on your body in real-time, to then create a program best suited to your current state. It essentially measures blood oxygen levels, fatigued muscles, heart rate, acupressure points, tension levels, and conducts a comprehensive Biometric Screening. This information can then be tracked to see how getting a daily massage is benefiting you over time.

With technology like this one starts to think that it must take some serious computing power to make all this happen. Ogawa addressed this problem by incorporating the high performance M.5 Dual processing microchip and a Brushless Motor – which is the same technology used in complex medical devices, aircraft, and electronic vehicles. These components allow the chair to handle the task of providing the best massage but also allowing a person to feel the ultimate massage experience.

The AI in Master Drive borrows its name from just that, Artificial Intelligence. To offer the ultimate On-demand massage experience, the Master Drive AI is Alexa compatible. Before, during, and after a massage, a person will be able to make adjustments or customizations just by asking Alexa. The controls in the chair complement this as well because of their ease of use, like the ones on the armrest and the user experience in the Ogawa App.

The Ogawa App is a very unique feature to Ogawa chairs. This is the only company that takes the remote experience to this level of luxury. The Ogawa Master Drive AI will come with a Samsung Tablet, which not only doubles as a Tablet, but also the remote of the chair. Ogawa originally released this feature in their Smart 3D chair and it was accepted with much fanfare. The Ogawa App will give a user an in-depth level of control and entertainment that isn’t seen in any other massage chair. With over 500 custom combinations there are plenty of features to play with and enjoy. The beauty of having the tablet is a person will be able to watch, play, or listen to their favorite media while controlling the chair. In combination with Bluetooth speakers, the Master Drive AI becomes one of the ultimate massage and relaxation experiences.

To make sure you can pick up right where you left off, the Master Drive AI allows you to save your favorite customer programs to memory. The chair can not only think for you and obey your commands, but it can also remember for you too!

When it comes to the Best Massage chair, the Master Drive AI is in a league of its own.

To learn more about Ogawa’s new Master Drive AI Massage Chair, visit OgawaWorldUSA.com.

Ogawa World USA
861 S Oak Park Rd
Covina, CA 91724

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