Enghouse Vidyo Unit Helps Health Systems Scale Telemedicine To Mitigate Coronavirus Risk

March 20, 2020 GMT

Resilient Video Platform Ensures Health Systems Can Provide
Remote Diagnoses and Effective Patient Care

MARKHAM, ON, March 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX:ENGH) today announced its Vidyo, Inc. subsidiary has developed a program to help its telemedicine clients dramatically scale to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

The program allows for new or existing clients to increase the time or bandwidth they use by multiples of up to 10 to meet needs as they arise. The new program is available as an on-premise, hybrid or cloud-based solution.

“As the world responds to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Vidyo is committed to doing its part to support health systems’ essential efforts to maintain services,” said Reuben Tozman, General Manager, Enghouse Vidyo. “We have put a unique program in place for our clients that provides them increased access to our technology to combat the disruptions many are experiencing.”

In recent weeks, many organizations have exponentially increased their demand for video communication platforms. Vidyo’s proven track record of supporting large health organizations, as well as major financial corporations, government agencies and educational institutions, positions it as an ideal solution for rapidly evolving contingency plans.

Specifically, the Vidyo Telehealth solution enables clinics and hospitals to protect front-line staff and patients by supporting self-isolation and quarantine scenarios, and ensures clinicians, nurses and physicians can provide remote diagnoses and treatments, often with existing technology.

“While we hope the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak will be short lived, the potential strain on health systems could be severe. We know many health organizations are evaluating how best to deliver patient care under difficult circumstances over potentially extended periods of time,” said Tozman.

“Vidyo excels at delivering resilient virtual care services. As health systems prepare for the next few months, Vidyo is here to support them with our program so they can effectively integrate various forms of telehealth into their patient management strategies.”

Health organizations interested in the program can register at https://info.vidyo.com/vidyo-license.html.

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