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Woman Seeks New Kidney After Hospital Left a Surgical Sponge in Her Body for Almost 9 Years

December 19, 2019 GMT

ATLANTA, Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- “You have a right to know...” were the words uttered with a shaking voice by Candace Bazile’s primary care physician.

This statement, made this past Halloween, October 31, 2019, revealed what Ms. Bazile believes has haunted her for almost 9 years. A radiology report confirmed that there was “radiopaque surgical material surrounding the upper and mid pole of Bazile’s transplant kidney,” and this foreign material was believed to be a retained surgical sponge.

Ms. Bazile knew something was wrong with her body immediately after her transplant surgery. When asked about her future, just 10 days following the discharge of her transplant operation, medical records indicate that Bazile responded “it is scary.”

Since her transplant surgery in 2011, Bazile, 49, is estimated to have made over 500 visits to hospital facilities, over 30 emergency-room visits, had five biopsies of the transplanted kidney, and has had at least five hospital stays. None of which resulted in the revelation of surgical material being left.

Ms. Bazile is currently represented by Attorney B’Ivory LaMarr, of The LaMarr Firm, PLLC.

“While the claims in this matter are nothing short of egregious, what remains the most imminent concern of this firm is keeping Ms. Bazile alive by securing a new kidney. We are calling for a national collective effort to give Ms. Bazile what could be construed as a third opportunity at life,” said Attorney LaMarr.

Bazile obtained her master’s degree in 2000, and had a promising future advocating for women’s rights and social issues.

Since Ms. Bazile’s transplant surgery, her health concerns include but are not limited to: a foreign object surrounding her transplant kidney, renal-kidney failure, stroke, pulmonary embolism, benign calcified lung nodules, nerve damage, restless leg syndrome, calcification, vascular necrosis, and panic disorder - to name a few.

At only age 40, the beginning of this nightmare, Ms. Bazile’s contributions to society were short-lived, due to her becoming permanently disabled.

It all began on April 30, 2011, after waiting 6 years on the National Registry for a kidney, Ms. Bazile received a call and was told to come in immediately as a kidney was now available for her.

Following her surgery, despite being prescribed the maximum in pain medications, Ms. Bazile suffered in excruciating pain and pleaded with her nurse to contact her surgeon to return.

Upon the surgeon’s return, the surgeon appeared to be irritable, inconvenienced, and dismissive of Ms. Bazile’s concerns.

After going through a second emergency surgery 72 hours following the initial transplant operation, Ms. Bazile was informed that her body had experienced a “massive rejection.” After being hospitalized for 11 days following the transplant surgery, the surgeon and hospital staff described it as “one of the worst rejections that they’ve seen,” says Bazile.

Bazile’s transplanted kidney completely failed in 2014.

While living with a foreign object can be fatal, Ms. Bazile is now faced with the risky procedure of having the surgical material removed.

The National Kidney Foundation reports that the average life expectancy on dialysis is between 5-10 years. Ms. Bazile has been on dialysis twice, collectively for 12 years, while waiting for a new kidney.

To find out more information or to see if you may qualify as a match, please visit www.kidneyforcandace.com.

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