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AER Announces The Launch Of The First Professional-Grade, Smart, Cordless Hair Dryer

January 9, 2020 GMT
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NEW YORK, Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Rising company AER announced the launch of the world’s first professional-grade, smart cordless hair dryer. Driven by a desire to advance technology in hair care tools, the AER Dryer introduced a proprietary first of its kind Lithium Silicon battery that allows for the power required for cordless capability and the performance equal or greater to the premiere hair dryers on the market. In addition, the AER Dryer provides significantly less carbon dioxide emissions than current high-wattage electric hair dryers. The AER Dryer was designed to be smarter, advance hair health, be healthier, and allow its users the freedom to travel and be free (from cords).

Designed in the U.S. and engineered to meet the ever-evolving needs of mobile lifestyles, the dryer is the first “Smart” hair dryer to utilize artificial intelligence to promote hair health. The SmartDry AI mode uses 13 sensors throughout the device that read environmental and temperature conditions in real time. This unique feature of the AER Dryer uses data to adjust the airflow and temperature to prevent excess damage caused by overheating, while maintaining fast dry times. As the device learns from the data it collects, the AER Dryer can load and record dynamic “SmartDry Profiles” that can be adjusted for specific hair types, lengths and weather conditions.


The SmartDry AI Technology integrates via a smartphone app. The dryer’s firmware receives updates via Bluetooth, enabling future smart functionality and upgrades. The AER Dryer keeps getting smarter and will continue to improve over time.

The AER Dryer is versatile and can operate with a cord or and cordless on battery power. The run time of the AER Dryer while cordless is up to 4 hours depending on the heat setting. The charge time using the charging cradle is approximately 90 minutes. When corded or resting on the cradle, the battery is continuously charging even while in use.

“Over the past seven years our battery technology team at AER has pushed the boundaries in consumer battery cell technology, creating the most revolutionary cordless hairdryer the world has ever seen,” said Eric Nelson (President/Co-founder).

At a weight of approximately two pounds, the dryer’s lightweight ergonomic design provides freedom to dry hair on the move and wherever you may go. The AER Dryer features LED indicators in the front for different heat and fan settings, multiple temperature sensors to regulate air temperature, a humidity sensor, a three-axis accelerometer to detect motion and gestures, an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that optimizes run-time and battery cell life, and a Bluetooth transceiver for connecting to AER’s smartphone app for updates and data insights. In addition, the AER Dryer is noticeably quiet, delivering an improved user experience.


What made the AER Dryer possible was a collaboration with engineering firm Stafl Systems who is most known for their work on record-breaking electric cars and AER’s battery team which invented the chemistry behind the next generation Lithium Silicon AER battery cell technology. Independent tests have shown that AER’s battery power and energy density is far greater than any other battery cell on the market today. Meticulously engineered, this superior battery provides power to the AER Dryer’s energy efficient motors and precision fan blades all the while allowing for controlled ergonomic flow and a balanced, comfortable feel.

Having initiatives in developing eco-friendly technology, the AER Dryer is up to 77% more energy-efficient than conventional hair dryers, using less than one third of the average energy per drying cycle. In a study by AER, the average user dries his or her hair 300 days per year between 12-30 min per day. Under these conditions, using the AER Dryer would generate a savings of 124 kWh. At an average of 1.22 pounds of CO2 per kilowatt-hour, there would be a savings of 151 pounds of CO2 each year, per user. Once AER achieves just three percent market penetration, it will eliminate 226,500 tons of CO2 annually. With a total worldwide market size of $6.7b, it is estimated that if one million traditional hair dryers were replaced with AER Dryers, it would be the equivalent of removing 45,000 cars from the road. To reduce the carbon footprint left by hair tools and to promote AER’s initiatives advancing corporate environmental sustainability, AER will launch its #Roadtoamillion campaign upon its release.

Beside energy conservation, cordless capability and benefits of hair health, the AER Dryer’s sleek design make it one of the most uniquely attractive tools to enter the haircare market. Made of soft-touch plastics with metallicized accents, it will be available in three color variations: black, white and deep green. The dryer will include a battery charging cradle, detachable AC power cord and come with both a diffuser and concentrator attachment. It will retail for $389 at and select retail partners. AER will launch March 2, 2020 on Kickstarter and available direct to consumers and brick in mortar stores by Fall 2020. In addition, AER will be giving away 10 hair dryers to select subscribers through a giveaway contest. The company will also be rolling out with additional cordless products in the Fall of 2020 with the aim to revolutionize haircare tools with the use of artificial intelligence and advanced technology.

Technical Information

  • Cordless & Battery Operated with 120 Wh of Battery Capacity
  • Quiet Operation
  • High energy density Lithium Ion Cells with Silicon Anode Technology
  • Ability to Operate continuously while plugged in to the wall (AC Power)
  • Dual 500W Heating Coils (DC and AC)
  • Internal Battery Charger from AC Plug
  • Disconnect-able AC Power Cord
  • 3 Phase Brushless DC Motor
  • Smooth ramp up and down
  • Microprocessor Controlled Heat and Fan Output
  • Heat and Fan speed are dynamically controlled from 0 – 100%
  • Digital button panel interface for controlling the system
  • RGB light ring can display any color for status indication or aesthetics
  • Charging base for fast charging (90-minutes)
  • Wire management feature on the charging base to hide excess wire length
  • LED indicators in the front for different heat and fan settings
  • Main on/off switch
  • Multiple temperature sensors to regulate air temperature
  • Humidity sensor
  • 3-axis Accelerometer to detect motion and gestures
  • Advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that optimizes run time and battery cell life
  • Bluetooth transceiver for connecting to smartphones - supports firmware updates and supports device telemetry to a global fleet monitoring system

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About AER
April 18, 2012 – The journey began. Entrepreneurial founders, Eric Nelson and Chris Rebholz, identified a vast opportunity for advancement in the hair-care industry which had not evolved for nearly the last 100 years. With a mission to change this, AER was born. AER is a global technology company launched in 2012 with an aim to disrupt and reinvent hair care tools and to seamlessly bridge the gap between beauty and technology. Its goal is to create smart, innovative, battery operated products that are both high performing and eco-friendly while also freeing consumers from cords.

To accomplish this goal, cutting edge engineering, patented battery technology and innovative development were necessary. AER assembled a team of top talented electrical and mechanical engineers, scientists, marketing executives and brand developers to build the world’s first fully functional and patented SmartDry AI cordless hairdryer. Privately held and headquartered in Milwaukee WI, AER is a ‘Family’ first run business. AER believes in providing consumers with beautifully created and technologically advanced products that make life easier and hair healthier.

AER will launch with its hero product, the AER Dryer, and will continue to roll out other cordless haircare tools and invites its users to be FREE – Free from cords.

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