X-17 Online and Hollywood Unlocked are the Latest Celebrity News Publishers to Install Yappa, The First Audio and Video Commenting Tool

November 5, 2019 GMT

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Yappa World Inc., creator of Yappa, the first audio and video commenting tool that is revolutionizing online engagement, today announced its partnerships with two leading Hollywood celebrity news sites, X-17 Online, and reality TV star Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked. The Yappa tool will be integrated throughout these websites to allow their readers to leave “yaps,” audio and video comments, on their stories.

Since launching in March earlier this year, Yappa has been installed on nearly one hundred websites, including leading celebrity gossip sites Perez Hilton and The YBF. Publishers who have installed the Yappa tool are already enjoying increased engagement from their readers on their websites. On average, publishers who have installed the tool have already seen an 20% increase in user monthly session times.


“Yappa is amazing! Finally, we can connect with users in a deeper, richer, more fun way,” said Brandy Navarre, VP, X-17 Online. “Yappa video comments bring us closer to our fans, enriching our site and our community. And with celebrity-focused content, it’s cool to think that video comments make our users famous in their own right!”

Prior to Yappa, online publishers struggled to retain their audience and were often forced to communicate via social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, at the expense of keeping their audience within their own environment. In the past 90 days alone, Yappa has contributed to 45,000 user session interactions and 152 hours of combined user session time on websites that have installed the tool.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Yappa,” said Jason Lee, founder of Hollywood Unlocked. “Yappa is a platform where we can directly communicate with our socialites at the hub of Hollywood Unlocked!”

“Known for their engaging celebrity news stories, we are so excited to partner with X-17 Online and The Hollywood Unlocked,” said Jennifer Dyer, CEO of Yappa World Inc. “Because Yappa amplifies the user’s expression behind any comment, it going to be fun to listen and watch yaps left on these particular platforms.”

In addition to providing a new way for readers to engage with news stories, Yappa also provides publishers with a unique publisher dashboard. Yappa automatically transcribes the audio and video comments through its patent-pending technology and analyzes the data. Through this proprietary technology, Yappa can deliver key analytics to publishers (trending words, conversational trends), along with an internal key-word search database. Users can also be flagged for alleged profanity, pornography, bullying and hate speech by admins and other users.


About Yappa World Inc.
Based in Marina Del Rey, California, Yappa’s mission is to create more humanistic and elevated online engagement by harnessing the power of people’s voice and video, while deterring spam and trolls.

About X-17 Online
X17online is one of the Internet’s top entertainment news destinations. With an average of more than 350,000 viewers a day, X17online is recognized as a leader in celebrity news and the ultimate source for the latest, most exclusive photos and videos from world of entertainment.

About Hollywood Unlocked
Hollywood Unlocked is an exclusive entertainment news platform created by culture disruptor, Jason Lee, to provide celebrity news in a candid dialogue that is both engaging and authentic. Hollywood Unlocked is at the intersection where fans and influencers meet. Through content accuracy, exclusivity and original content, Hollywood Unlocked has become a fast-growing competitive source of entertainment news to the masses.

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