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ALLPCB Is Ready for 5G Era, Armed with the Most Advanced Big Data Center

November 20, 2019 GMT

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ALLPCB ’s Big Data Center was launched on November 4. This indicates that ALLPCB is being equipped with higher digitization to welcome the huge opportunity brought by the 5G era.

The big data center is located in the headquarters of ALLPCB in Hangzhou, and consists of the Multi-Module Wuji IOCT System, namely IT (Information Technology), OT (Operation Technology), CT (Communication Technology), and more than 30 viewing screens.

The big data center is the achievement of ALLPCB’s independent research & development (R&D), and more a milestone on its digital path. Smart Factory is starting to take shape.

With the help of advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and application of Internet of Things (IoT), all procedures (procurement, transaction, production, services, etc.) can be processed online at ALLPCB.com. Thus, it will achieve the interconnection among human, machines, and things.

Under the IOCT system, the whole production process will be divided into different production tasks automatically, then the respective tasks are transferred to the corresponding modules, finally it will carry out the tasks and make a production with fully automatic equipment. Meanwhile, it could monitor the entire production progress in real-time with application of IoT.

“World’s Fastest PCB Manufacturing” is already synonymous with ALLPCB.

The 5G Commercial Launching Ceremony was held by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the three major operators on October 31, which means China officially entered the 5G commercial era. 5G’s coming, accompanied with the enormous demands for the quantity as well as quality of PCB products, is an opportunity for ALLPCB.

ALLPCB accelerates to form a Super Factory with 100 medium-size factories. These factories will be jointly manufactured under the support of the digital system, which is a combination of the flexible platform and rigid factories.

ALLPCB.com is the Internet and flexible online platform where it receives orders and cooperates with the upstream and downstream factories respectively. It becomes the order center and the collaborative center.

Under an effective collaboration system, the rigid factory will be more productive. Labors become more diversified and professional. For example, one of collaborative factories may even focus on only one process, such as the production of screw caps.

The core feature of the “Super Factory” is super collaborative, not just about factory size or quantity amount, but breaking the boundaries between factories and thus define a new term. “Industrial Interconnection” (Industry 4.0) is not enough to describe a new business model of the industrial Internet, but more important, this is a collaboration and then a “system”.

By building up the Super Factory, the production capacity and customized manufacturing of ALLPCB are being significantly improved.

ALLPCB is already fully armed with the Wuji Digital System and numerous collaborative partners. Multi layer and high precision PCB products will be its main subject in next stage to meet the requirements in the emerging, high-end and mid-range application fields.

ALLPCB always chooses the best materials (for example, A-grade boards from SYTECH, Hi-Q printing ink from Taiyo, etc.) to ensure the quality of PCBs in production. Despite some expensive raw materials, ALLPCB has never compromised on quality.

In addition, the most advanced machine systems have been brought in. ALLPCB super factory is fully equipped with PTH production line, LDI exposure machines, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), Flying Probe test machines and so on. Accordingly, a gradual professional training is a “must” for machine operators.

5G is a brand new era. It is full of opportunities and challenges. ALLPCB is always ready to meet all these challenges and strive to become the best PCB prototype and assembly manufacturing service provider.


ALLPCB is an ultrafast PCB super factory as well as an Internet-based manufacturing company, committed to building an electronic collaborative manufacturing service platform. It offers professional one-stop service, including PCB prototype, PCB Assembly and components sourcing. Since founding, ALLPCB has reconstructed the traditional PCB industry by data-driven technology.

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