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Satisfi Labs Continues to Enhance the Visitor Experience at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Building Knowledge of Featured Artwork and Artists

November 14, 2019 GMT

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Satisfi Labs is proud to announce the continued success of their partnership with the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia), deepening the AI-Powered Knowledge Management Platform’s understanding of visitor interests and priorities, as well as artwork and artists featured in the museum. Through the ongoing partnership, Satisfi Labs has helped one of the most recognized art museums in the country provide a better visitor experience and gather valuable data and insights on their audience that can impact future experiences and offerings.

Since the launch of the partnership in Winter 2018, the Satisfi Labs virtual assistant has provided responses to museum visitors’ frequently asked questions through webchat in English and Spanish. The platform has seen an increase in inquiries about types of art and specific artists. These unique insights have prompted Mia to build a deeper knowledge base on the museum’s artwork and artists to drive more discovery. The virtual assistant has answered over 60,000 questions focusing on ticketing, art pieces, traffic, and rotating exhibit information. As a free institution, Minneapolis Institute of Art is dedicated to providing an easy way for visitors to discover information about the museum experience and how to purchase tickets for their special exhibits.

“With the second most frequently asked visitor question being around the type of artwork and artists in the museum, it is extremely important for us to increase our understanding of what art the visitors are most interested in,” said Eric Bruce, Head of Visitor Experience and Insights for Minneapolis Institute of Art. “By working with Satisfi Labs, we’re able to gather the data from customer questions and learn about exhibit and art interests, which informs future communication and visitor experience decisions.”

“Our partnership with the Minneapolis Institute of Art has been extremely rewarding, we’re glad to be able to provide data and research for one of the top museums in the country and be a part of the conversation around cultural education and art appreciation,” said Don White, CEO and Co-Founder of Satisfi Labs. “What makes this partnership so unique is the ability to relay information in both English and Spanish, expanding the reach of information to more visitors.”

The virtual assistant is available on the Mia website. Satisfi Labs plans to continue building the knowledge base around specific artists and types of art that are housed at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

About Satisfi Labs
Satisfi Labs’ Answer Engine enables search for physical locations through conversational AI, allowing locations to answer customer questions on-demand. They take in physical and digital data through their Knowledge Management Platform and make it AI-ready, allowing the Answer Engine to provide the most accurate and relevant answers to any owned channel on the web, mobile, SMS, and voice devices. www.satisfilabs.com.

About the Minneapolis Institute of Art
Home to more than 90,000 works of art representing 5,000 years of world history, the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) inspires wonder, spurs creativity, and nourishes the imagination. With extraordinary exhibitions and one of the finest art collections in the country—from all corners of the globe, and from ancient to contemporary—Mia links the past to the present, enables global conversations, and offers an exceptional setting for inspiration. General admission to Mia is always free. Some special exhibitions have a nominal admission fee. For more information, call 612.870.3000 or visit artsmia.org.

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