Muse® by Interaxon Inc. Just Gave Us a New Reason to Meditate: a Comfy, Brain Sensing Fabric Headband with Day-to-Night Support and All-New Responsive Go-to-Sleep Journeys

January 6, 2020 GMT
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Muse® S (CNW Group/Muse by Interaxon Inc.)
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Muse® S (CNW Group/Muse by Interaxon Inc.)

Capitalizing on the award-winning neurofeedback developed for both the Original Muse and Muse 2, Muse S allows users to comfortably go from daytime use into bedtime prep and introduces Go-to-Sleep Journeys that react to your body and mind.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Muse® by Interaxon Inc., a leading consumer neurotechnology and meditation company, today announced the launch of its newest product, Muse® S. This multi-sensor fabric headband offers a new way to access biofeedback-enhanced meditation, and promote healthy pre-sleep habits for restorative sleep.

Building on the company’s current roster of award-winning neuro and biofeedback devices, Muse® S offers a versatile, soft and flexible form factor as well as newly introduced Go-to-Sleep Journeys. The Go-to-Sleep Journeys seamlessly blend voice guidance with biofeedback soundscapes that respond to your physiological state for a truly personalized bedtime soundtrack that helps you learn how to turn off your busy mind and let the world melt away - day or night.

“We wanted to offer our users improved ways to hack their bedtime ritual through responsive guidance, neurofeedback and tangible data,” said Chris Aimone, Muse® Co-Founder and CTO. “Muse® S was designed with two key things in mind: to bring meditation to even more aspects of your life, and to take the advanced neurotechnology we are known for and compile it all into a versatile and extremely comfortable EEG headband that is optimized for a truly unique relaxation experience.”

Made from plush, breathable material, Muse® S is designed for improved fit and signal quality on a wider variety of head sizes. With stretch fabric that is travel-friendly, Muse® S is our most comfortable Muse® ever—so comfortable you’ll love meditating with it anytime, anywhere.

Imagine slipping into bed with your Muse® S, starting a Go-to-Sleep Journey like “Enchanted Forest” or “Underwater World,” tucking away your phone, and closing your eyes. Guided by the calming voice of your selected meditation teacher, you’ll be taken through a soothing and responsive journey, designed to move your wandering mind away from the busy thoughts that keep you awake and gently guide you into a restful slumber.

Each Go-to-Sleep Journey has its own unique soundscape, which is made up of individual sounds that reflect different feedback centers including brain activity, heart rate, and movement. These individual feedback sounds are layered in real-time to work together to create a personalized soundscape that reflects changes in your physical and mental states - a personalized sleep soundtrack, shaped by you in real-time!

In addition, when you purchase a monthly or yearly Guided Meditation Subscription, you’ll have access to a rich content library of more than 300 meditations from renowned meditation teachers. The extensive content also offers a variety of relaxation techniques, Go-to-Sleep soundscapes and curated guided mediation collections geared to a particular condition or goal (e.g. sleep, performance, stress and more). For beginners or those who want even more guidance, the subscription provides in-depth courses with step-by-step instructions, such as The Sleep Basics course by Dr. Shelby Harris, an expert in behavioral sleep medicine.

Pricing & Availability
Muse® S is now available for $349.99 USD at and Amazon in North America with a worldwide release coming soon.

To unlock unlimited access to 300+ meditations with new content released monthly, you can subscribe to the Guided Meditation Subscription for $12.99 USD per month or $94.99 USD per year.

Now available at

About Muse® by Interaxon Inc.:
At Muse®, our team of neuroscientists, meditation teachers, and engineers develop state-of-the-art experiences using research-grade EEG technology. Our goal is to help individuals build a rewarding meditation practice and live healthier, happier, more connected lives through human-centered technology. Our award-winning neurofeedback devices, and premium content offering of guided meditations with responsive learning functionality, help users meditate by providing real-time audio feedback on their meditative state through the Muse® companion app. We make the intangible, tangible.

More information about Muse® is available at

Milestones we’re excited about:

  • # of employees: 65+
  • Offices: Toronto, Ontario and Denver, Colorado
  • Sessions of meditation with Muse®: Over 100 million minutes to date and currently the largest brain data (EEG) collection in the world.
  • Research institutions using Muse®: The Mayo Clinic, NASA, Harvard, MIT, U of T, UCL, UCSD, Inria, UVic, UBC, and many more.
  • Meditating with Muse® works: A recent study at the Catholic University of Milan showed that four weeks with Muse® significantly reduced stress as well as potentially beneficial neuroplastic changes in users’ brains, compared to controls. Original published papers from the 1Balconi Lab study can be found here and here.

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