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Theraderm® Clinical Skincare Repairs Skin, Generates Cell Growth For Rapid Wound-Healing + Wrinkle Reduction

February 3, 2020 GMT

SPRINGDALE, Ark., Feb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Therapon Skin Health, the makers of the medical grade skincare line Theraderm® Clinical Skin Care, unveils a new study highlighting the efficacy of the line’s patented Soluble Keratin Peptides for significant active restorative stimulation properties. In a fifteen patient, twelve-week investigation, the keratin-derived peptide was proven to stimulate growth of the selected cell lines to repair damaged collagen at an accelerated rate.

The backbone of Theraderm’s Eternox® Anti-Aging products are Soluble Keratin Peptides, available only to Therapon Skin Health, that act as powerful wound-healing agents. They promote repair and cell growth in all skin tissue. The powerful peptides act as templates that are exceptionally effective to treat aging, weakened or damaged skin - including wrinkles, sun or environmental injury, as well as rashes, burns, cuts, abrasions and other skin issues or irritations.

The brilliant invention, developed by a very close friend of Therapon Skin Health CEO and Founder Dr. James Beckman, involves a method of harvesting and chemically preparing natural wool fiber to produce the soluble keratin peptides.

“The active peptides were originally intended to provide wound-healing agents for severe burns in military patients,” shares Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Biochemist James Beckman, MD. “In our testing, it was found that these unique peptides are the ultimate natural active ingredients to restore damaged skin as well as to keep any skin youthful looking. Located exclusively in Theraderm product solutions, these peptides stimulate the natural mechanisms of the repair and formation of new matrix proteins, collagen and elastin in human skin, thus driving the body’s natural restorative mechanisms at the cellular level.”

Protected by 31 patents, the peptide is comprised of 10-12 amino acids in natural sequence, almost identical to the amino acid sequence in collagen molecules in human skin. These properties allow repair of damaged collagen, or new collagen formation, at a rate several times greater than normal as it acts as a “template” for addition of multiple amino acid segments instantly. The result is elimination of up to 40% of laxity in skin causing a markedly diminished number and size of wrinkles.

Experiments indicated that the keratin-derived peptide stimulated growth of the selected cell lines and compares favorably with the known growth factors for each cell line. Soluble Keratin Peptides are exclusively available in Theraderm Anti-Aging products.

Theraderm products are available at www.theraderm.net

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. James Beckman, CEO and founder of Therapon Skin Health, didn’t envision starting a skin care company over two decades ago. He set out to develop products not available at the time to improve the overall skin health and appearance of his own patients.

While treating severely burned patients, Dr. Beckman was determined to improve their quality of life by finding solutions for restoring full function and mobility to skin-grafted hands. This led to the development of Beckman’s Skin Care Cream.

The steps to restoring aging skin are to clean and gently remove damaged skin elements or cells, repair the skin, restore skin to its healthiest condition and protect skin from damage.

In 1996, the full Theraderm skin renewal system was completed.

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