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HiWorld’s Young Reporter Team Interviewed Leading International Figures at GES 2019

January 14, 2020 GMT
The young reporter team spoke to Dzingai Mutumbuka, the first Minister of Education and Culture of Zimbabwe
The young reporter team spoke to Dzingai Mutumbuka, the first Minister of Education and Culture of Zimbabwe

BEIJING, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global Education Summit 2019 was successfully concluded in Beijing on November 26. In this annual gathering of well-known education leaders at home and abroad, the excellent performance of HiWorld’s young reporter team impressed the guests a lot. HiWorld, the international education brand of TAL Education Group. During the two-day Summit, the young reporters had wonderful conversations with the Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, the Nobel laureate in physics, the former President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other international figures. The young reporters were praised for their excellent English skills and broad international vision.

The young reporter team interviewed with international figures on global hot issues

“Amazing!” Dzingai Mutumbuka, the first Minister of Education and Culture of Zimbabwe was surprised when he learned that the young reporters as young as 10 would interview with him in English.

The young reporter team asked Dzingai Mutumbuka a sharp question, “How can education be guaranteed in war-torn areas?” Dzingai Mutumbuka answered: “Education can create social cohesion by teaching people how to get along with people from other cultures and countries. Education should help people understand that diversity is a strength, not a weakness.”

The arrival of Carl Wieman, a Nobel laureate in physics, excited the young reporters, who were curious about “how to be a good scientist”. “In fact, it is not difficult at all to win a Nobel Prize,” smiled Carl Wieman, “But winning a prize is like the cream on the cake, while the cake itself means your persistence and efforts.”

On the topic of “Similarities and Differences in Education between Israel and China”, young reporters had a heated discussion with Hanoch Gutfreund, former President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hanoch Gutfreund believes that the education systems of most countries, including China and Israel, need to encourage young students more to speak bravely, without being afraid of making mistakes.

In addition, the young reporters talked with Bob Block, Vice President of Corporate Development of ACT, and Esther Wojcicki, author of How to Raise Successful People, about the topics including “Pros and cons of AI in education”, “The importance of teamwork”, and “How to overcome the fear of failure”. Daniel Schwartz, Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Education, said he was quite happy to see that Chinese students have unique thinking about global issues and can express themselves so confidently.

Bill, the young reporter said after speaking to the big figures: “I was very nervous before the interview, but I was so excited during the exchange that I completely forgot about the tension.”

Behind the praise the concept of 5CS that created the international talent

This is the second time for HiWorld’s young reporter team to attend the GES. At GES 2018 last year, the young reporters surprised leading figures including Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc., and Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education, with their insights into international affairs.

Behind this is the valuing of HiWorld on cultivating the international competence and skills of the students. Based on the 21st century skills framework and specific educational practices in the United States, Japan, Singapore and other countries. HiWorld has put forward creatively the concept of the cultivation of the students’ core competence and skills, namely 5CS (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Cultural Competence and Study Skills), and further established an Ivy League Preparation Program and an American Standardized Testing System, which, while improving the children’s language skills, have effectively cultivated their communication, collaboration, creative, critical thinking skills, cultural understanding and inheritance and learning skills, and helped them grow into international talents.

Moreover, HiWorld is dedicated to provide students with a platform of and opportunities for a diversified conversation world. In the past year, HiWorld had organized students to participate in the International Model United Nations General Assembly, MIT Programming Study Camp, Stanford University Summer Program and other practical activities to improve students’ comprehensive capabilities and expand their international vision.

As an international education brand, HiWorld is committed to building a high-quality international education resource ecology, providing students with a broader international stage, and giving them the ability to embrace the world freely. In the future, HiWorld will continue to help more excellent Chinese children to go global through various teaching practices, and cultivate them to be independent thinkers, lifelong learners and participants in world affairs.

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