Panama City

Panama City residents comb through wreckage

October 12, 2018

Tropical Storm Michael has sped off toward the Atlantic Ocean, but there will be nothing quick about Florida's recovery from the hurricane, where rows upon rows of homes have been smashed to pieces. (Oct. 12)

Hurricane Michael Survivor: ‘It was hell’

October 11, 2018

The third-most powerful hurricane to hit the US mainland in recorded history killed at least two people and left a wide path of destruction. Damage in Panama City, just west of where Michael came ashore, was extensive. (Oct. 11)

Panama City residents describe Michael’s fury

October 11, 2018

Hurricane Michael downed trees and power lines as it began its push inland Wednesday. Residents of Panama City describe what if felt like as the storm tore through their hometown. (Oct. 10)

Panama City Beach pummeled by Hurricane Michael

October 10, 2018

Recording the storm's landfall in Panama City Beach, The Associated Press's John Mone watched as the awning of the hotel he was sheltering in was ripped off by the severe winds. (Oct. 10)

Supercharged Hurricane Michael pounding Florida

October 10, 2018

Supercharged by abnormally warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Michael tore away tree limbs and sent pieces of buildings flying Wednesday as it struck Panama City, Florida. (Oct. 10)

Florida’s panhandle braces for Hurricane Michael

October 10, 2018

The storm surge from Hurricane Michael has come ashore in Florida and is growing deeper. Waves are already gnawing away at the base of sand dunes at Panama City Beach. FEMA has nearly 3,000 people in the field ready to assist. (Oct. 10)

Some residents staying put for Hurricane Michael

October 10, 2018

While many left Panama City Beach for higher ground, a stern few stayed behind to weather Hurricane Michael, expected to be a Category 4 storm that will hit the Florida Panhandle by midday Wednesday. (Oct. 10)

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