Rick Scott

No cell service, power hinders FL relief effort

October 14, 2018

Relief efforts are being hampered by a lack of telecommunications in parts of Florida hit by Hurricane Michael. Florida Gov. Rick Scott says 17,000 utility workers are working to restore power, while 2,000 telecommunications workers were trying to restore service. (Oct. 14)

Gov. Scott: Worst Florida damage in Mexico Beach

October 12, 2018

Florida Governor Rick Scott toured some of the areas devastated by Hurricane Michael on Thursday. He said the worst damage was in the small town of Mexico Beach. (Oct. 12)

Gov. Scott: ‘Hurricane was an absolute monster’

October 11, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott says people from Florida's Panhandle to the Big Bend woke up to "unimaginable destruction." He says "this hurricane was an absolute monster." (Oct. 11)

Gov. Scott: Michael’s impact will be ‘horrible’

October 10, 2018

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the impact of Hurricane Michael will be "horrible," the worst storm to hit the Panhandle in a century.

Ahead of Michael, Fla. Gov. repeats dire warnings

October 9, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott warns people across northwest Florida Tuesday morning that the "monstrous hurricane" was just hours away, bringing deadly risks from high winds, storm surge and heavy rains. (Oct. 9)

Scott warns of ‘monstrous storm’ along Fla. coast

October 8, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott warned of a 'monstrous storm' along Florida's coast and asked residents to heed evacuation orders for Hurricane Michael, which is expected to make landfall on Wednesday. (Oct. 8)

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