Trump Country

Ever Hopeful and Loyal in Trump Country

December 27, 2017

‘Taking a Knee’ in Trump Country

December 5, 2017

When the people of Jefferson County, Texas, narrowly voted majority Trump last November, climate change rarely came up as an issue. Then they were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. AP Video by Martha Irvine.
It’s the “Appalachia of the Pacific Northwest,” a place known for poverty, drugs and death. Grays Harbor County, Washington, also voted majority Trump. Can his renewed “War on Drugs” help save it? AP Video by Martha Irvine.
Forrest Wood talks about the roots of his addiction.
Staci Hadley talks about her addiction and her hope.
Androscoggin County, Maine, hadn’t voted majority Republican for president since the Reagan era, until November. Now the county, which has seen a big influx of African refugees, is part of Trump Country.
This is Trump country, a remote chunk of the upper Midwest where people are ready to see what the new president can do for them. Here, AP's Martha Irvine explores the issues that concern them most -- namely, jobs, gun rights and what many farmers see as dismal market prices for their crops and livestock.
AP journalists speak about how the "Trump Country" series came together.
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