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Global Pvc Paste Market Is Driven By Increasing Adoption Of Pvc Resin Among Various End Use Industries

July 30, 2019 GMT

Pune, Maharashtra, Jun 15, 2019 (Wired Release) Prudour Pvt. Ltd. – Global PVC paste market is driven by increasing adoption of PVC resin among various end use industries PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) paste can be defined as a type of resin of molding treated through paste form. It can be manufactured by using two methods; suspension method or emulsion method; the minimum diameter of particle is 5 ~ 30 microns or less. This type of resin used with additives by dipping, coating, slush molding and others. PVC paste is practically used for Plastisols, and PVC paste requires more energy for the production purpose and relatively more expensive than its counterparts.

PVC paste conveys the substances and emulsifying chemicals with it and therefore it is less pure than bulk polymerized PVC and others. The electrical properties and precision of PVC paste grade plastisols are considerably poor than other resin compounds. PVC paste is consisting of compact structure and it does not absorb much Plasticizer at room temperature conditions. The temperature in excess of 160 to 180 degree are required to plasticer into the resin throughout preserving. It is widely used for cushion vinyl floorings of wide widths. Various layers of specially formulated pastes are coated on an appropriate substrate (Direct Coating) or on release paper (Transfer Coating).


The layers are united uninterruptedly in long ovens and rolled up after release paper is uncovered. The decent rolled flooring can consist of strong semi-transparent wear coating over foamed and printed layers that are sitting on top of highly filled base coats to form the thickness. Various attractive and rich effects are probable and these represent the higher end of vinyl flooring. PVC paste is available in form of Low K Value (62-68), medium K Value, and High K Value (78-84). High K value paste is widely used in top layer coatings and low K value paste is extensively used in adhesive layers. Medium K Value PVC paste consist of great foaming properties and gelling speed.

Increasing inclination towards modernizing the households by using various flooring options is resulting into high demand for the vinyl flooring. The PVC paste is used in the vinyl sheet for better wear layers, which may support growth of the global market. The PVC paste is also used for manufacturing the synthetic leathers in order to add glossy look to it which is another aspect propelling the demand for PVC paste and supporting growth of the global market.


However, lack of fire resistance and cost-effectiveness are some major aspects restraining growth of the global PVC paste market. The type of PVC paste includes suspension method product and emulsion method product. The suspension method is comprehensively used in wallpaper manufacturing, flooring materials, and fabric coatings. The suspension method is one of the most commonly used PVC resin paste in the market owing to its various applications in manufacturing process of pipe, wire, film, sheet, window profile, artificial leather and so on.

The application of PVC paste includes plastic floor, artificial leather, paint and coatings, wallpaper, automotive sealing and toys and glove. Increasing construction activities is fueling the demand for paint and coatings which may support growth of the global market.

The growth of the PVC paste market in Asia Pacific can be attributed to increasing demand for wallpapers in order to add aesthetic look to the households. Major players operating in the global market are Vinnolit, Solvay, Mexichem, Hanwha, KEM ONE, Formosa Plastics Corp, LG Chemical, INEOS, Kaneka, Thai Plastic and Chemicals, Saudi Basic Industries, Shenyang Chemical, Tianjin Bohai Chemical, CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang, Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical, Yidong Dongxing, Tianye Group, Huaxiang Chemical, Bluesail and Tangshan Sanyou Alkali Chloride.