Yemen Dirty War
Yemen Dirty War

Yemen's Dirty War

Four years into Yemen’s civil war, and the results are disastrous. Yemen is starving. As the world’s worst humanitarian crisis unfolds, a team of AP journalists explores the military and political forces that have kept an entire nation hostage to violence.
A look at the origins of Yemen's civil war, its players and prospects for peace. (AP Animation/Peter Hamlin)
A look at the Houthis, Yemen's rebel movement. (AP Animation/Peter Hamlin)
The baby twitches his legs in pain. He's crying but he is so dehydrated his eyes can't produce tears. His belly is inflated as taut as a balloon. He's a victim of Yemen's three-year civil war. (May 3)
A look at al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, its roots, motivations and role in Yemen's civil war. (AP Video/Peter Hamlin)
An Associated Press investigation has found that even as the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen was declaring victories against al-Qaida, it was striking deals with the militants that risk strengthening the most dangerous branch of the terror network. (Aug. 6)
Meet Hagar Yahia, a Yemeni woman working to keep her family alive, as a civil war rages on in her country. (AP Video/Nat Castaneda)