Yemen's Dirty War

Four years into Yemen’s civil war, and the results are disastrous: Yemen is starving. As the world’s worst humanitarian crisis unfolds, a team of AP journalists explores the military and political forces that have kept an entire nation hostage to violence.
A look at the Houthis, Yemen's rebel movement. (AP Animation/Peter Hamlin)
More than 1,000 cases of torture of detainees by Yemen’s Houthi rebels have been documented by the Abductees’ Mothers Union. The Associated Press interviewed some of the victims and their families who escaped from Houthi-controlled territory.
The baby twitches his legs in pain. He's crying but he is so dehydrated his eyes can't produce tears. His belly is inflated as taut as a balloon. He's a victim of Yemen's three-year civil war. (May 3)
A look at al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, its roots, motivations and role in Yemen's civil war. (AP Video/Peter Hamlin)
An Associated Press investigation has found that even as the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen was declaring victories against al-Qaida, it was striking deals with the militants that risk strengthening the most dangerous branch of the terror network. (Aug. 6)
Meet Hagar Yahia, a Yemeni woman working to keep her family alive, as a civil war rages on in her country. (AP Video/Nat Castaneda)
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