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Humble ISD selects contractor and architect for bond projects

April 18, 2019

The Humble ISD Board of Trustees selected a general contractor for Elementary No. 29 and an architect for Middle School No. 10 during their special meeting on Tuesday night.

The moves were a step forward in completing their $245 million bond that was approved by voters in 2008 and a $575 million referendum that received a thumbs-up in November.

Elementary No. 29

The board approved a motion for Gamma Construction to serve as the general contractor for the construction of Elementary No. 29 not to exceed the amount of $28,861,556.

Back in 2017, the board approved Joiner Architects to design this new 116,400 square foot school to accommodate up to 1,000 students on the 13000 block of West Lake Houston Parkway in the Lakewood Pines neighborhood.

The final design was approved in 2018.

The construction of Elementary No. 29 is estimated to be up to a $40 million project, which is funded through the $245 million bond referendum approved in 2008.

Construction is scheduled to begin in May and the school is scheduled to open August 2020.

Middle School No. 10

Joiner Architects has been approved by the board to design Middle School No. 10, a project funded through the 2008 referendum and a $575 million voter-approved bond in November.

The land was purchased through 2008 bond monies and the construction will be funded through 2018 bond monies.

Construction of the middle school is estimated at $40 million.

Middle School No. 10 will be located near Beltway 8 on Woodland Hills Drive next to Ridge Creek Elementary.

Construction will start in 2020 and the school will be open in 2022.

Turner Baseball/Softball Complex Renaming

The board also approved a motion to rename the baseball/softball complex to the Sitton Family Field.

The renovated complex is named after John Sitton for his efforts in creating the original complex. Position 1 Board Member Robert Sitton recused himself from voting on this motion.