Sheriff warns of scam involving fake Ludington police officer

February 22, 2019 GMT

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office announced that there is a telephone scam involving a fictitious member of the Ludington Police Department.

The sheriff’s office stated in a release that citizens of the county received telephone calls from a male subject claiming to be Sgt. Davis of the Ludington Police Department.

The subject tells the potential scam victims that one of their family members has been arrested and needs bond money in order to be released. The subject asks that the bond be paid in gift cards from Lowe’s and Home Depot stores, according to the statement.

“It’s an unbelievable scam,” Derrek Wilson, undersheriff of Mason County Sheriff Office said.


The request indicates that once the gift cards are obtained, the card pin numbers be turned over to the subject.

The statement from the sheriff’s office states that a second subject at times gets on the line to claim to be the family member that was supposedly arrested.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office states that there is not a Sgt. Davis with the Ludington Police Department, and a police agency would not request that a bond be paid via a gift card over the telephone.

Wilson said that there is no law enforcement calling about bonds paid in the form of gift cards.

“If you do receive a call, or have questions call the Mason County Sheriffs Office or Ludington Police Department to find out if its legit,” Wilson said.

Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett also recommended that people stop and think if they receive a call requesting money.

It’s best to contact local law enforcement in the instance of these scam calls, Barnett said.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office is the lead contact on this investigation. The office has received one complaint and the Ludington Police Department has had no complaints.

For more information, or to report a possible scam, contact the Mason County Sheriff’s Office at (231) 843-3475 or the Ludington Police Department at (231) 843-3425.