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Your Turn: Jan. 2

January 1, 2019

Walls workRe: “Still true: no good reason for shutdown,” Editorial, Thursday:The Express-News Editorial Board says “walls are a bad idea,” a wall “will in all likelihood be ineffective,” and the need for a wall is a “piece of fiction.”Facts are hard to refute and the fact is, walls work! Ask the Israelis or the Vatican or the residences of the Dominion. How about that fire “wall” on your computer? Rep. Nancy Pelosi and former President Barack Obama have walls around their homes. Why? because they work!Have you asked and reported on what the Border Patrol agents want? President Donald Trump and a majority of U.S. citizens want border security, which I believe should be a combination of an effective physical barrier and high-tech surveillance. A border wall is a necessity, not a luxury.Come on, Editorial Board, and just once stop your Trump-hating and think about U.S. citizens, our state and the sovereignty of the United States. Let’s have an unbiased report on how walls around the world are effective in maintaining border integrity.Steve TaylorClimate bottom lineRe: “Not a denier,” Your Turn, Friday:I ask: Do we really have to find “blame” before we do anything? Are 97 percent of climatologists saying that “bad industry” or “evil lifestyles” are creating the current situation? Aren’t they just saying that the heated stratosphere is going to cause other natural problems that depend on certain limits?Ninety-seven percent of climatologists agree:1. It’s “provable science” that emissions such as CO2 and other greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere.2. It’s “provable science” that the stockpile of greenhouse gases has increased by more than a third since the Industrial Revolution. Whether human civilization is at fault is irrelevant beyond explaining “how we got here in the first place.” We know how to fix it. Time is running out.Sure, you can argue the most cost-effective way. That alone should be the debate. Obviously, our lives are much better as a result of burning fossil fuels. No one is at fault. Period.A mature mindset would accept that not much is all bad or all good. Unfortunately, there’s a mindset that we have to have a “bad guy” before we recognize any problem exists. What’s so hard about this?Bill Hurley, Citizens Climate Lobby of San Antonio

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