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3 dogs lighter, maybe chilly, after losing 13 pounds of fur

January 12, 2019 GMT

Three Shih Tzus are a bit surprised but in good spirits after the Spokane Humane Society removed a combined 13 pounds of matted fur from the dogs earlier this week.

The dogs’ owner approached the organization requesting the dogs be euthanized because they had a tendency to bite.

Instead, the owner surrendered the dogs, and staff, volunteers and groomers shaved 13 pounds of tangled fur off the three dogs – a process taking about six hours.

“They are doing really well. They are a little surprised, but they are super friendly, super outgoing and relatively happy,” said Pia Hallenberg, development director for the humane society. “They don’t growl or bite, and they are just super sweet.”

The 11-year-old Shih Tzus were revealed to be active but slightly overweight, with one dog weighing more than 27 pounds.

The dogs were treated for sores, cuts and small infections.

“They all had bad teeth and need dental work done, and we have some lab work we’re waiting for,” Hallenberg said. “I don’t think it’s anything serious, but there’s things that aren’t quite 100 percent.”

The Spokane Humane Society launched a Facebook fundraiser Wednesday to cover medical treatment costs for the three dogs and had raised more than $3,200 as of Friday.

The organization has also received an additional $700 in donations made in person and through its website.

“We were overwhelmed by the support we got and how many people donated money to us,” Hallenberg said. “This is the quickest-moving fundraiser we’ve ever had. We are thankful for people who donated to help these three little ladies.”

The dogs will be up for adoption after the organization finishes medical treatment, which could be about two weeks to ensure they are completely healthy.

The humane society doesn’t keep an adoption waiting list for the dogs, but will announce an adoption date on its social media accounts.